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We’ve pulled together some of the reviews for our TRAILFLY™ ULTRA G 300 MAX, the world’s first running shoe to use a Graphene-enhanced foam, called G-FLY™.

Check out reviews below from media, vloggers, ambassadors, testers and customers. Some of the reviews reflect first impressions while others are more in-depth. We will continue to add more, so please keep revisiting the page.

Launched in March 2021, the TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX delivers 25% greater energy return that lasts for longer. This helps runners maintain a faster speed over greater distances, aids their feet in feeling fresher for longer, and prolongs the life of their footwear. 

Not only that, it’s also the first deeply cushioned trail shoe that, thanks to new ADAPTER-FLEX™ technology, adapts and reacts to uneven terrain. The clever 10mm underfoot groove frees up the midsole and works in harmony with the foot, so runners feel connected to the trail.



“Innovation of the Year” – Trail Running Magazine Awards 2021 (June/July issue)

“Bouncy, responsive and grippy. These shoes are designed for rocky, hard trails and they deliver. For me, they help with fatigue in the legs and yet keep me (feeling connected) to the ground” RunUltra, who scored it 8.5/10

“A dream for long-distance trail runners” – Runner’s World UK, who named in BEST TRAIL SHOE in their 2021 Gear Awards

“Great trail tech. 92%. Gear of the Year” – 220 Triathlon

“We’ve been signing from the hilltops about the exceptional cushioning” – Women’s Running UK, who named it BEST TRAIL SHOE in their 2021 Awards

“More foam underfoot doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice flexibility and ground feel” – Runner’s World USA

“Running in these shoes has been a great experience, and I’ve enjoyed trying different conditions and varied terrains. If I could, I’d sleep in them” - BEST IN TESTWomen’s Running (July 2021 issue)


Women's Running - July 2021 Edition


“The ride is very smooth, the G-FLY graphene midsole makes the shoe feel lighter and bouncier than its weight and allows for great protection over both road and trail” – Doctors of Running

“This shoe is super-fun, cushioned yet responsive and highly durable” – Ginger Runner

“I really, really enjoy the shoe, it got me through my first 50-mile ultra and I’ll be doing lots more running in it” – Here We Are Running

“Favourite shoe for ultras on the shoe shelf” – Trail Running Szene

“These are one of the comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn on a trail” – The Trek (who tested them from a hike perspective, racking up 500+ miles and counting)


TRAILFLY Ultra G Max - Magazine Pages


“One of the biggest running shoe sensations this year” – Runner’s World Germany

I don’t know of any other trail shoe that combines comfort and performance so perfectlyXC-Run Germany

“If I had to choose just one shoe out of the comparison (Trailfly vs Speedgoat) based on performance, it would be the TRAILFLY” – Run 4 Adventure

“It's impressive as it delivers performance without compromise. Like speed without being fragile and a ton of comfort without being unstable. It’s actually unusually stable for a higher-stack cushioned shoe” – Peak Proof

“In my first impressions post, I said it may be the best-cushioned trail runner on the market. There’s no maybe anymore. It’s the best-cushioned trail runner on the market” - Wear Testers

 “Will delight runners (and hikers) who are in for long, long hauls on any kind of terrain. Review score 9.3/10” - Road Trail Run

“The very best kit is the stuff that you love on a daily basis, but which still lasts the longest – and inov-8’s TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX delivers this plus a level of performance that made it the stand-out winner in the end. BEST TRAIL RUNNING SHOE” – Advnture Awards 2021

“I can confidently say that the TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX is not just a PR stunt dressed in lime green marketing, it might just be the best trail shoe ever made” Morning Coffee Run

“When I’d normally find myself bracing my legs on steep downhills, I was able to completely let myself go with the confidence that the shoes would soak up the impact. It was a strange feeling at first, but I liked it!” Run 247

“I don't know any other trail shoe that combines comfort and performance so perfectly” XC-Run

“Great balance of comfort, energy return and ground feel… and one of the grippiest outsoles of any trail running shoe in the market right now”  – Run4Adventure

“A game-changer because they are suitable for so many different types of terrain” – Fiona Outdoors

“One of inov-8’s best midsoles foams and definitely the softest. I’ve really enjoyed these shoes on the trails and on the roads getting to the trails” –  The Run Testers who also compared it to TERRAULTRA G 270 in this separate video review.

 “Despite some uneven, undulating and surprise-feel terrain, the legs felt Lazarus-like in the following hours and days, thus showing some of the comfort and cushioning qualities of the midsole and shoe. Score: 10.6 out of 12” - Edd Budd

 “A very natural ride to the shoe, particularly on rougher surfaces” - Running Shoe Guru 

“A versatile running shoe that does it all” – Ultrarunner Magazine

“An almost perfect shoe for long days on technical terrain” – Blister Review

“Provides a plush ride while also being controlled, stable and offering good trail feel” – American Trail Running Association

“We found there’s more room in the toe-box than other max cushioned shoes” – Gear Junkie’s top trail running shoes of 2021


sketch of Trailfly



“These shoes hit the maximum on comfort, grip and cushioning, and even defy logic by having the same stability of a lower-profile shoe” – Chris Holdsworth, Pennine Trails

“You can just slip them on and go for a run anywhere, over any kind of terrain, for as long as you want, and always feel totally confident that these shoes will deliver on cushioning and grip” – Marcis Gubats 

"It feels like you have rockets under your feet! They are incredible" – Johannes Stimpfle

“I had previously been sceptical of high stack shoes on trails, but these allowed me to retain that close-to-the-ground, reactive feel while also having the cushioning to keep you going and going” – Alison Walker

“They combine amazing cushioning with killer grip. I feel confident to tackle anything while knowing my feet will get a smooth ride no matter the distance or terrain” – Amy Rusiecki

“These shoes help you to bounce along the trails for hours. I love the grip and the shape of the upper round my foot” – Paul Tierney

“I love these shoes and fully expect to see them becoming the weapon of choice for some Fastest Known Times (FKT’s) and epic long-distance runs this year. They feel so quick I might even have a go myself!” - Ellis Brigham

“I love the ADAPTER-FLEX concept and I think that this design really works, allowing it to become the first high-stack shoe that moves and flexes in this particular way during a run.” - SportsShoes

“The flex in the shoes makes them a lot better than other shoes with this level of cushion and stack height” – Northern Runner



Head over to our TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX mens and womens product pages where you can read Trustpilot reviews placed by customers who have bought the shoe.


Chris Davies, from our own customer service team, set himself the challenge of running 100km in the shoes straight from the box. Find out how he got on. Allie Bailey, from The Running Channel, also ran an ultra straight from the box, completing the 40-mile Chalkland Way. Watch the video


sketch of Trailfly


Graphene-enhanced foam debuts on inov-8 trail shoes – Forbes

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