Race Vests

Our range of race vests feature adaptability and comfort with a range of size options making them the perfect choice for ultra marathon and trail race events allowing you to carry all the mandatory kit with ease and stay hydrated on the run

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inov-8 Ultra Flask 0.5 With 10 Tube - sideview

Ultra Flask 0.5 With 10 Tube

inov-8 Speed Cup 0.2

Speed Cup 0.2

inov-8 1L Reservoir - sideview
1L Reservoir

1L Reservoir

inov-8 2L Shape Shift Reservoir - sideview
2L Shape Shift Reservoir

2L Shape Shift Reservoir

inov-8 Bottle


inov-8 Softflask 0.25l - top view

Softflask 0.25l

inov-8 Softflask 0.5l
Softflask 0.5l

Softflask 0.5l