Ensure you are on top of your hydration with our range of soft flasks, bladders and reservoirs. Whether you are out for a quick run on the trails or tackling a self−supported ultra−marathon, our collection of easy−to−clean, super durable hydration products will keep you going mile after mile, run after run.

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inov-8 Ultra Flask 0.5 With 10 Tube - sideview

Ultra Flask 0.5 With 10 Tube

inov-8 Speed Cup 0.2

Speed Cup 0.2

inov-8 1L Reservoir - sideview
1L Reservoir

1L Reservoir

inov-8 2L Shape Shift Reservoir - sideview
2L Shape Shift Reservoir

2L Shape Shift Reservoir

inov-8 Bottle


inov-8 Softflask 0.25l - top view

Softflask 0.25l

inov-8 Softflask 0.5l
Softflask 0.5l

Softflask 0.5l