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X-Talon 212 Review

Written by Peter Maksimow

Winter is a loose term in Colorado. Sure, we do get snow and the temperature gets frigid, but we also get 60 degree days peppered in the middle of said “winter”. Ask any Minnesotan or Massachusettsan if they get that. I think not! With the amount of sunshine we receive, it leaves little time for snow to linger, and with the dryness of the mountain air, mud is usually short-lived or nonexistent.

That was NOT the case at the first race of the Pikes Peak Road Runners’ Winter Series at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, with full views of NORAD.

PERFECT! A great time to put the new X-talon 212s to the real test! The trails were covered with uneven, choppy snow with a side of sections of sloppy mud. As we started the race and hit the trails, the images of runners slipping and sliding was comical, much like a Road Runner cartoon. Chasing the fast-starting youngins, I moved up once we hit the snow-laden trail, passing young men full of testosterone. They looked like they were running twice as fast as their flailing legs showed. As part of team Scrambled Legs, I seemed to be the only one not using the egg beater technique to get though the snow. I was getting grip and movie’ on up, as they say in the sitcoms. I’m in 5th, now 4th, that was didn’t go down without a fight…now 3rd.


We then hit the mucky mud, that I previously stated we did not get. “What, mud! What is this?” I pontificated to myself as my X-talons kept me upright. I was pleasantly surprised that my shoes were not getting heavier and heavier through the muddy section. With the wide tread pattern of the X-talon lugs, the mud does not get caught and cake up like most shoes, but gets shedded like a snake shedding its skin…and I can keep the pace. The X-talon 212s even gave me enough time to partake in the beer aid station. Unfortunately, they did not help the taste of the beer improve (I later found out it was PBR, that explains it all!).

1.29.14 v2

As I cross the finish line at a 4:39/mile pace, barely holding off the high school/college runner (that turns out to have been named Colorado Cross Country Runner of the Year) I am happy to have had my X-talons on.

The X-talon 212 is a more sturdy and durable shoe than it’s counterpart, the X-talon 190, but just as colorful. They got the job done and looked good in the process. Now, excuse me while I go and catch a jackrabbit with my X-talons!

1.29.14 v3

Yes, there was beer involved in those socks!

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  1.' Sven says:

    I bought several pairs of the old generation of xtalons. The sensations of feeling the trail are amazing, and these are the best shoes I have ever tried for distances <50km (more and I need more sole stiffness).

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