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X-Talon 200 Running Shoe Lands Rave Reviews

X-TALON 200 BLOG“Ace all-rounder for training/racing across a mix of terrain” TRAIL RUNNING

“A lightweight shoe with great grip, durability and drainage” MEN’S FITNESS

“Highly recommended” TRAIL MAGAZIN

“A shoe that you can hunt down fast times on the trails and also go long in” TRAMPELPFAD-LAUF

“Shines in tough conditions. Should definitely be on your short list” 3 SECONDS

” inov-8 have absolutely nailed it with the X-TALON 200. It has to be an early contender for my shoe of the year” OUTDOOR KINETICS

“A wickedly grippy shoe. Definitely my premier race shoe of choice” MUDSTACLE

“inov-8 may have just cracked it. The X-TALON 200 will be the shoe of choice” MUDDYRACE

“This shoe is going to be a hit. A must for all muddy racers” OBSTACLE RACE MAGAZINE

We have strengthened our all-conquering X-TALON off-road running shoe range (212 & 190) with the addition of the new X-TALON 200. Available to buy now, the shoe is proving a huge hit with off-trail runners and obstacle racers. Weighing in at just 200g, the X-TALON 200 is the first shoe in the X-TALON range to feature a 3mm drop (heel to toe differential) combined with a slightly wider fit. This means the foot sits close to the ground and is able to control the shoe, not the other way round. With more room in the toe box, an athlete’s toes can splay, thus increasing comfort, especially over longer distances when the feet begin to swell.

Many of the features on the X-TALON 200 make it perfect for obstacle racing, a sport that has exploded in popularity over the last few years. The X-TALON 200 upper delivers outstanding protection and durability, with a breathable mesh forefoot allowing for quick water drainage. Further protection comes in the form of a rubber toe bumper. A secure mid-foot fit is enhanced by a new super-protective lacing system. The outsole boasts the famous 8mm X-TALON sticky rubber cleats that deliver outstanding grip over all terrains, especially soft and muddy ground.

The X-TALON 200 has also been put through its paces by running journalists across Europe and the US. Influential German publication Trail Magazin tested 40 trail running shoes for its May/June 2015 issue and picked out just eight as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. One of those was the X-TALON 200. In the UK, Men’s Fitness name it BEST IN TEST in their June issue review of off-road running shoes, saying: “A lightweight shoe with great grip, durability and drainage.” Trail Running Magazine also named it BEST IN TEST in their ‘BATTLE OF THE SUPERGRIPS’ in the August /September issue.

On the trails, the X-TALON 200 has been proven to perform at the highest level. Gediminas Grinius wore the shoe when winning the high-profile 125k Transgrancanria ultra in March, setting a new course record in the process. He also wore it when finishing fourth at the Western States 100, the oldest and most iconic 100-mile trail race in the world.

Gediminas Grinius winning Transgrancanaria in the X-Talon 200. Images© iancorless.com - all rights reserved

Gediminas Grinius winning Transgrancanaria in the X-Talon 200. Images© iancorless.com – all rights reserved

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xt 200 outsoleCheck it out more details on the X-TALON 200 and where you can buy it HERE

31 Responses to X-Talon 200 Running Shoe Lands Rave Reviews

  1. maikel@trail-sports.de' Maikel says:

    Looks great, but why don’t you use a surrounding protection at the toebox? I fear that the mesh between the toebox and the “side” will be easily demaged

    • Eóin Treacy says:

      Hi Miikel, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we’ve been doing extensive testing on this and the space is for additional drainage without the risk of demerging. thanks for the feedback though, it all helps!.

    • Eóin Treacy says:

      Hi Miikel, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, weve been doing extensive testing on this and the space is for additional drainnage without the risk of demerging. thanks for the feedback though, it all helps!.

      • jeremy.bompas@gmail.com' Bompas says:

        Sorry to contradict you, but the fear of Maikel actually happened to my friend and I. The mesh was completely torn after only 80 kilometers of normal use. Actually, not from exterior damages, but my feet and toes push on the mesh during descent and the wear appeared quickly.

        So the toe box protection isn’t so unuseful as it is on X-talon 212 which I never had a problem with

  2. Hello; I am a member of an over-100 members mountain sports club, between us even a dealer for Inov-8 in Pordenone (Italy), who works for the shop “Sportwear”. I am even the director and editor of the videos of the Italian’s series “Skyrace Monte Cavallo” (http://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=717786084956372 – 3,5k reach). I was wondering: if I’d prepare a video-review to share on the Skyrace page and between the other athletes of my club, could it be possible to have one promotional pair of this shoe to try ?
    And I’d like to ask one thing: which shoe in the Salomon catalogue is this new x-talon200 the direct competitor ? maybe a fellcross or a sense SG ?

    Thanks and compliment for your work !
    (I’m running with the trail roc 255 right now and love them)

    • Eóin Treacy says:

      Hi Giuseppe, Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your note, I’m sure we can sort out a pair of shoes for video review. in answer to your question The x-talon family don’t really have a competitor within the Salomon family at the moment, the Fell raiser would probably be as close as salomon come to inov-8 grip wise but there is still a gulf in function. Hope this helps.

  3. tonymart40@gmail.com' Tony says:

    will the X-Talon 200’s come in a US size 14 or 15???

  4. bernhard.haberler@gmail.com' Bernhard H says:

    Hi when is the release date for the new shoes? Before the new running season starts? And also, where will they available? I would like to buy the new pair for this season.

  5. hassallrudy@hotmail.com' Rudy says:

    I looked on the site for the Inov-8 X-Talon 200, but could only find the BARE-GRIP 200, which seems to have a bit more aggressive tread than the other BARE shoes?

    I have a narrow heel, Plantar fasciitis, flat feet (have custom orthotics) and mild arthritic in the knees.

    Comfortable in running in a Heel-to-toe drop of 3mm.

    I love running Spartan Races (Beasts) and other OCRs that tent to be very muddy and wet in our area.

    Would you recommend any of these shoes, or another model?
    Inov-8 X-Talon 200
    Inov-8 X-Talon 190
    Inov-8 Baregrip 200
    Inov-8 Mudclaw 265

    Thank you in advance!

  6. 17gauge@Gmail.com' Doug Johnson says:


    I’m trying to find the x-talon 200 online as there are no retailers in my area. Any ideas would be helpful as my OCR season starts in a couple months and my old mudclaws I’m currently training with have just about had it.

    Thanks, Doug

  7. lukeopp406@gmail.com' Luke Opp says:

    Very excited to purchase these, any idea when the release date will be yet?

  8. sdean654@gmail.com' Scott says:

    Hi there,

    I was bummed to find out that the roclite 243 was discontinued. I thought the 243 was a great all around off road shoe. The new x-talon 200 looks like it has some similar features. I like the 3 mm drop, and it’s also lighter. Do you think it would be a good replacement for the discontinued 243?? Or would you recommend another model?

    • lee@inov-8 says:

      Hi Scott, if you want a running shoe with the same outsole try the ROCLITE 295, or for a similar fit and feel as the ROCLITE 243 but with a slightly more aggressive outsole try the X-TALON 190.

  9. andybwhite@aol.com' Andy says:

    I love my Inovs (Mudclaws and Roclite 315s) and this looks good. However, as Maikel said. that complete gap in strong material between the main shoe and the toebox don’t look good, . My wife’s Roclite 268s have some protection here but still a small gap and they started to disintegrate after just one run. I think these 200’s could just fall apart after the first couple of rough runs. Consequently, I don’t think I’ll be considering this model

    • lee@inov-8 says:

      Hi Andy, thanks for the message. As previously mentioned, we’ve been doing extensive testing on this and the space is for additional drainage without the risk of damage.

  10. ajwitmer-bosley0@frostburg.edu' Adam says:

    I agree, the Roclite 243’s are a superior OCR shoe. I have put over 600 miles on mine and are still in exceptional condition, I have been searching and searching for another pair of them to buy from a closeout somewhere and have had no luck. The X-Talon 190s are not similar enough to satisfy, hopefully the 200’s will be with a similar width and drop. Lee, you say they are available now, but I only see pre-orders or UK availability. When will they become available in the US

  11. Matteo.paoletto@gmail.com' Matteo says:

    Are the new 2015 shoes fit different in length? The old size chart is really different. My trailroc 255 us 12 is 28.75 cm. Apparently the new xtalon 200 us 12 is 30 cm. Someone can explain? Thanks!

    • Hi Matteo.

      I have tested out many models (nearly all) from the Inov 8 line up. I can tell you that, shoes for similar purpose has very similar fit. For instance in the Mudclaws , X-Talons, Roclites, F-Lites , Trailrocs I have always the same size, UK12. 1.5cm gap between my toes and the shoe, perfect for Trail and Ultra running.

      In the Bare X line and the Road X line as I use them for Cross-Training and short distance road running, a Half size down is largely sufficient.

      Now, I just got the F-Lite Crossfit shoe, the 235 with the 0 drop platform. UK12 is a perfect street shoe fit. I bought it to be a street/walking shoe, but still I did not expect it to run this short. If it was a workout or running, maybe even ultra running shoe, I would have sent it back immediately for an exchange.
      In addition to this on the Tongue of the shoe it is marked UK12/30cm , however on the insole it is UK12/29.5 cm . Very strange !

      So if you fit in any size of X-Talon 212 or 195 , I would not be surprised to have the same size in the Talon200s .

      Your best chance is to try it in a shop before you order.

      Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/EvoExpress
      Blog: http://evolutionexpress.blogspot.fr

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  13. […] been a little worried. But now, with only four days to go, I can’t wait. I will have both the X-Talon 200 and new Terraclaw 220 in my kit bag, picking each day which one is best suited to that stage’s […]

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  15. jaroschak@gmail.com' Kevin Jaroschak says:

    I am curious on how the size of these run to a normal shoe. I don’t have a wide foot and I generally wear a size 11 in US. Should I buy these in a size 10.5? Do they run a little smaller since there is more room in the toe box? I just don’t want my foot sliding around too much and I do not like to tie my laces so tight it cuts off circulation which I have been experiencing with my Newton Gravity IV.

    • lee@inov-8 says:

      Hi Kevin, we would always advise, where possible, to visit a retail store selling inov-8 products and try the shoes on first. I understand that’s not always possible. I wouldn’t advise going down half a size. Stick to size US 11.

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