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Winning at the Georgia Death Race

On March 16, team inov-8 athlete, Mark Lundblad, won the Georgia Death Race. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Mark Lundblad

“It was the first year of this race so nobody new what to really expect, except that it would be very hard. It is 61 miles long with 30,000 feet of elevation change and it is point to point from Vogel State Park to Amacallola Falls State Park. I had Anne {his wife} as my crew and it was extremely heinous with lots of steep mountain climbing. Results are not up yet as the course closed just now some 28 hrs after the start, so that gives you some idea how long it was going to take some runners. We started at 4am Sat morning. My winning time was 11:40.

Mark Lundblad 2

I left to go home before the next guy finished which I heard was over an hour behind me at the last aid check point. I wore the Roclite 315’s the entire way due to needing some extra support on the rocky trails and I used the new Race Pro 3.5 pack. This pack was awesome as we had to carry extra water and some mandatory gear the entire route.

This was one of the hardest ultra races I’ve ever done and I’m completely trashed but in a good way…ha.”

Mark Lundblad 3

What’s the hardest race that you’ve ever completed?

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