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Western States 100: Yassine Diboun

On June 29th, the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Race, a challenging race that always draws a VERY competitive crowd, took place. This year it was even more challenging with 102 degree heat! Despite the challenges, Yassine Diboun and Leila Degrave from team inov-8, placed in the top 10 in the race.

Yassine Wester States 100

Read Yassine’s full race recap here:

“I think most people didn’t believe I was a threat for top ten based on my recent racing leading up to Western. Even Karl Meltzer put me in the “rookie 100-miler” category and thought that I would start out too quickly and fade in the last 30 miles of the race. Actually this left me sitting in a pretty good position with not a lot of pressure or limelight on me to perform…and made it all the sweeter when I headed out to the mountains to stomp.”

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