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Wes Piatt joins team inov-8

A more in-depth look into what drives Wes to the box and to better himself every day.

What brought you to CrossFit? What other sports do/did you participate in? How can you relate them to CrossFit?

It was during my last deployment to Kuwait. My friend Rambo and myself started looking into CrossFit because the crew we relieved there had been doing it. I started looking up workouts…. Found the filthy fifty…. Tried it…. Didn’t finish it, and never looked back. I was hooked from that moment on.

I played baseball and football growing up and entered the air force after high school.

I was attracted to CrossFit because it made me feel like an athlete again. I was training again. Working hard, breathing hard, and competing. Yes the competition was against myself, but I was still competing again.

What makes you a committed athlete?

It’s what drives me. The routine of cooking my meals, planning out my workouts, and pushing myself every day. The feeling I get at the end of the day when I know I gave it all, that’s the feeling I strive for everyday. Now that I own my own gym, I see myself as an example to my athletes as well. If they see me giving 75% they’ll think that’s okay.


What is your favorite inov-8 product? What do you like about the brand in general?

I’ve been hard pressed to find an inov-8 product I don’t like. They all serve their purpose in every environment I’m going to come across in my sport. CrossFit competitions are becoming more broad; triathlons, long runs, hikes, weightlifting etc. every inov-8 shoe fits in one way or another.

My favorite part about the brand is how long they’ve been around CrossFit. Ever since I can remember my favorite athletes at some point were or are wearing inov 8’s. They aren’t a company that’s riding the coat tails of CrossFit, but really truly believe in CrossFit!

How long have you worn inov-8s?

Since I started CrossFit in 2009

What are you excited about most in working with inov-8?

Being able to give the brand I love my input and support to only make an amazing product that much better!

Rope climb 3

Tell us some rituals/superstitions you may have when competing?

I have a specific dynamic stretch routine I got when I was at my original gym CrossFit Inferno that I use before every workout. We also do this everyday at our gym now too. It’s just habit now and helps me make an abnormal situation like competing a little more normal

Where are you currently training?

At my own gym Coast Range CrossFit in Gilroy California

What are your hopes for regionals/games?

The goal is to make it back to the games, but ultimately my goal is to know I gave 100% during regionals. If I know I did this then there is no point in being upset no matter where I end up.

Any new PRs as of late?

I finally got past my road block snatch at 245# and got 255#. Did this with my bro and fellow inov 8 athlete Pat Barber!

Any interesting stories related to your career in CrossFit? Related to competition in general?

After not finishing that first workout I did “filthy fifty”, there was an Army guy we worked with in Kuwait who found out and wouldn’t let me live it down. That truly sparked me to do my second workout and really lit the flame.

Who/what inspires you to work hard, push limits, and compete to win?

What inspires me is knowing I’ve got 6 nieces and nephews who see what I do. I want to set a positive example for them. And now that I own my own gym I want to show my athletes what hard work and dedication can do.

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