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USATF 50K Trail Championship

The USATF 50k championship at Bootlegger Canyon in Boulder City, NV, took place on Sat, Nov. 8. I went hoping to claim another National Championship title. I was excited to finally wear my Team Inov-8 uniform, since I had to cancel a few of my trail races earlier in the year. The weather was perfect at the start. We lined up on the line and I was prepared for a pretty fast pace, since the winner last year went 3:38. We got started and the pace was really fast! I was in perfect position coming into the first aid station at mile 3.8. I was in 5th place and the top 5 were all very close in proximity.


About mile 8 I started to feel a pain in my right calf. I was hoping it would go away and loosen up, so I kept running. It seemed like the longer I went the tighter and tighter the muscle got. At mile 12.9 (aid station) I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to finish. My tight calf muscle had turned from slight discomfort to a stabbing pain every time I went up a hill, but not wanting to quit, continued to the next aid station at mile 15.5. I stopped at this aid station to stretch and put some Deep Blue Rub on it, and really tried to decide if it was worth continuing. I knew the next aid station was in about 4 miles. I pretty much knew it was hopeless, but I didn’t want to just give up, so I decided to go to the next aid station. This proved worthless because I ended up limping and going even slower. I finally pulled out of the race at the next aid station. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

I have never taken a DNF before and it was a bummer. I couldn’t feel too bad about it though, because I had done everything I could think of. I’m sure I would have injured something else had I continued to run with a limp. Anyway, the course was fast, fun, and challenging!

Thanks to my sponsor, Inov-8 and thanks to all who sponsored and put the race on. Congratulations to Alex Varner, and Michelle Yates for pulling off the win!

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