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U.S. National Championships

Written by Alex Jospe

Following the weekend of the Canadian Nationals, was the following weekend of the U.S. two-day Championships. The U.S. also has an individual champion with the same sprint-middle-long format as Canadian Nationals, but the two-day champs rides on the combined times of two days of racing, which makes it kind of special, and favors consistency.

It was held up in Bear Brook State Park, and the terrain was truly fantastic, highly technical and full of features. My goal for the race was to be cautious and clean, and not make any mistakes in the navigation, so I was psyched to succeed in those respects, and come out on top of the pack with a minute lead!

Alex Jospe US Nationals

Unfortunately, I let my focus slip on day 2, and made a six minute error. I tried hard to come back from that, but it wasn’t enough to hang on to the lead. I still ended up in 2nd overall, and I tried not to let the silver metal taste bitter, because I’m sure my competitors would have liked to be there! Another weekend of fantastic fall colors, camaraderie with my team, and a well-run event, the silver medal was a nice finishing touch on a great two week run!

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