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Team inov-8 at the JK Orienteering Festival 2013

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Two Oceans 56K: Cape Town, South Africa

Camille Herron’s recount of her first ultra race

The Two Oceans 56K in Cape Town, South Africa, dubbed “the world’s most beautiful marathon,” took place on March 30th. Inov-8 team member, Camille Herron, finished 11th in 3:53.

inov-8 rep (left) and Camille

inov-8 rep (left) and Camille

Camille describes this performance as one that “brought out a lot of emotions, reminiscent to almost every ‘new venture’ in my athletic career-I tend to be overly conservative on the first try. As with the 4th place in my first track race in the 7th grade (only the top 3 got medals), and coming from behind to finish 11th in my 2nd XC race in high school (only the top 10 got their name in the Daily Oklahoman)… I felt left out. I swore that never again would that happen. As my high school coach said after that 11th place performance, “I think you can run faster.” I went on to win that race 3 times, setting my high school record that still stands. Indeed, I will come back to run a lot faster at Two Oceans!”

While following pace with a Nedbank team member, Camille held back, and ran slower than she normally would. Once she realized that she needed to pick up the pace, it was too late to gain enough ground to come in the top 10.

Regardless, Camille ran an awesome time for her first ultra and a very competitive race!

Read the rest of her write up about her trip to Cape Town and more race details: Camille Herron’s Blog

Have you ever felt held back or influenced by another runner?

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