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TERRAULTRA G 260: Reviews of World’s First Graphene Running Shoes

inov-8 TERRAULTRA G 260 awards

* UPDATE – TERRAULTRA G 260 wins 2018 Editor’s Choice trail running award in renowned US magazine Competitor AND Editor’s Choice in Outdoor Gear Lab’s 2018 round-up of the best trail running shoes for women  (see review quotes and links lower down this blog post). It has also been named TRAIL RUNNING SHOE OF THE YEAR by Runner’s World in the UK.

Our new TERRAULTRA G 260 is the first-ever running shoe to utilise graphene – the strongest material on the planet. Collaborating with graphene experts at The University of Manchester, we have infused the wonder-material into the rubber of our revolutionary G-SERIES shoes, making the outsoles 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing.

The G-SERIES was launched at an international press event in June. The first running shoe from the series (the TERRAULTRA G 260) is available to buy now.

Designed for running long distances on hard-packed trails, the TERRAULTRA G 260 features graphene-enhanced rubber on the outsole and super-tough Kevlar (a material commonly used in bulletproof vests) on the upper.

It also boasts our next-generation underfoot technology, striking the perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness. Weighing in at 260g, the TERRAULTRA G 260 has been biomechanically designed to enable the natural movement of the foot.

damian hall utmb by andy jackson

inov-8 ambassador Damian Hall wore a pair from start to finish to place a superb 5th at this year’s 105-mile Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB, the world’s biggest trail running race). See photo above of an emotional Damian finishing UTMB. Also read the post-race report from UTMB.

Reviews by running and outdoor media

Check out some of the reviews of the TERRAULTRA G 260 from running & outdoor media:

“The graphene-enhanced rubber allows them to perform well over diverse surfaces”Competitor, USA, September 2018, Editor’s Choice for trail running. Full article.

“This Editors’ Choice winner is unique for its eclectic mix of performance features that makes it our favorite for tackling tough and long trails.”Outdoor Gear Lab, November 2018. Full article.

“I had lost confidence running downhill in many other shoe brands but the TERRAULTRA G 260 shoe has given me a lot of that back. Well done inov-8!”RunUltra, September 2018. Full article.

“My first impressions of this shoe were really good, now I’ve run in them for a couple of hundred miles they’re even better.”Run 247, September 2018. Full article.

“One of the 8 most innovative sneakers of all time”T3, August 2018. Full article.

“The traction is incomparable to other shoes I’ve worn”Runner’s World, USA, July 2018. Full article.

“It was tough love at first sight for RW”Runner’s World, UK, TRAIL SHOE WINNER IN GEAR OF THE YEAR AWARDS, January 2019 issue.

“Great trail shoes that could herald a graphene revolution 91%” – 220 Triathlon, October 2018. Full article.

“The TERRAULTRA G 260 offered a lightweight, well-cushioned ride, exceptional traction on dry, rocky trails and notable long-haul comfort”Trailrunner, August 2018. Full article.

“These are a great shoe for everyday training and faster runs, plus longer races where you need some grip”Trail Running Magazine, August 2018. Full article.

“The shoes delivered a speedy, springy underfoot ride over the terrain. I felt able to change direction with ease and confidence”Gear Junkie, June 2018. Full article.

“Ultra runners can’t go wrong with this model”Obstacle Race Magazine, July 2018. Full article.

“We immediately noticed how good the cushioning performs on uneven and rocky terrain, while delivering precise ground feel”FAZ, Germany, July 2018. Full article.

“The relatively flat profile, the large contact area and the rubber compound in the outsole deliver good grip, so that you feel safe even on wet rock”Runner’s World, Germany, July 2018. Full article.

“Early impressions are really good and I am absolutely convinced it is going to appeal to many”Talk Ultra (Ian Corless), July 2018. Full article.

“They provide you with superior support, whilst being comfortable as well as giving you confidence”David Miller, blogger, July 2018. Full article.

TERRAULTRA G 260 tech sheets

The TERRAULTRA G 260 is one of three shoes in the G-SERIES. The F-LITE G 290 is designed for crossfitters working out in gyms, while the MUDCLAW G 260 is for running over muddy mountains and obstacle courses.

Like the TERRAULTRA G 260, the F-LITE G 290 is available to buy from July 12th. The MUDCLAW G 260 will be available to buy later this year.

The TERRAULTRA G 260 has also been included in a list of the ‘8 most innovative sneakers of all time’, alongside the likes of the Nike Air Max and Reebok Pump. Read the full article by T3.

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