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New Terraclaw 220 Wins Red Dot Award

Red Dot logo represents excellence
in design

UPDATE (June 1): Ian Corless ‘first impressions’ blog about new TERRACLAW range

We are proud to announce that our new TERRACLAW 220 has won a prestigious Red Dot 2015 Product Design Award. The sought-after Red Dot logo is internationally recognized as a seal of high quality and represents excellence in design. To win a first Red Dot Award is a huge achievement, especially so soon after we claimed four 2015 ISPO awards for innovation across our footwear, apparel and equipment categories.

New for autumn/winter 2015 (available to buy from July/August), the TERRACLAW 220 is a lightweight trail running shoe designed for racing at high speeds over all terrain. It will be launched alongside another new shoe, the TERRACLAW 250, which won an ISPO award.

Terraclaw 220

The award-winning Terraclaw 220

Outstanding running shoes that will perform on the widest range of trails imaginable

Gordon Baird, inov-8 CEO, said: “The Red Dot Awards are extremely influential in terms of product design, so naturally we are delighted that the team has been recognized for their excellence in this field. The team worked incredibly hard on designing the new TERRACLAW range and have delivered outstanding running shoes that will perform on the widest range of trails imaginable.”

Weighing just 220g, the TERRACLAW 220 features our trademarked RAY-WRAP lacing system, which aligns with the foot’s first metatarsal to provide a close, secure and comfortable fit. This is achieved while using an efficient weight-saving single mesh construction.

Outsole of the Terraclaw 220, featuring multi-directional lugs

Outsole of the Terraclaw 220, featuring multi-directional lugs

Packed full of innovative features

Our distinctive X-LOCK welded overlay holds the foot in place, while the wider toe box allows the toes to splay, ensuring confidence and comfort in all underfoot conditions. Replicating the Windlass Effect, our patented DYNAMIC FASCIA BAND, embedded in the midsole, helps maintain stride efficiency and delays the onset of fatigue. The unique DUAL-C outsole features a hard sticky rubber compound (black) in areas of high wear along the gait cycle, guaranteeing durability and protection. A softer, super-sticky rubber (yellow) enhances grip on technical terrain. Careful positioning and spacing of the multi-directional cleats maximizes grip and ensures the quick release of any debris.

From the UK, to the US, via the rest of the world, our athletes and ambassadors have been putting the new 220 & 250 models through their paces.

From the UK, to the US, via the rest of the world, our athletes and ambassadors have been putting the new 220 & 250 models through their paces.

Alongside the TERRACLAW 220, and completing the new range, is the TERRACLAW 250, which boasts many of the same features. It too excels on the widest range of trails imaginable. From well-groomed trails to loose, rocky ascents, the TERRACLAW 250 is the master of versatility, excelling on all surfaces. Weighing just 250g, it’s both lightweight and agile, while still offering outstanding levels of protection. Perfect for training and racing over any distance, its multi-directional outsole lugs deliver unrivalled trail grip. Again, our X-LOCK welded overlay keeps the foot stable yet still allow the toes to splay. The TERRACLAW 250 has an 8mm drop (heel to toe differential) compared to the 220’s 4mm drop.

Terraclaw 250

Terraclaw 250, which was named an 2015/16 ISPO AWARD WINNER

Jury scrutinized 4,928 products from 56 countries before selecting only the best designs

Red Dot’s expert jury individually scrutinized a record 4,928 products from 56 countries with the winning products selected for their design excellence. Professor Dr Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, said: “For 60 years, the most-respected design experts have been convening in Essen, Germany, to seek out the best designs. This year we had a record number of entries. The international Red Dot jury bestows the sought-after seal of quality to those products that stand out from comparable entries thanks to their outstanding design.”

Women's Terraclaw 250

Women’s Terraclaw 250

Women's Terraclaw 220

Women’s Terraclaw 220

28 Responses to New Terraclaw 220 Wins Red Dot Award

  1. Hi Lee,

    You think it is possible to get a pre-release model in UK12 in August ? I mean of course I would pay for it 😀 I just need a bit more cushy shoe for a 140km race with 10000m of elevation gain for the 7th of September and would want to test it out before I hit the trails in race mode.
    Check out the race:

    In return I would write a detailed test/review, spiced with videos and photos.

    Check out my latest Inov-8 review, you might like it:

    Cheers and hope to hear from you

  2.' Ryan says:

    Any idea on a release date for this shoe?! I need another pair of Inov-8s in my closet and this looks like the next one!

  3.' Steve says:

    Hi, when these are released, will they have larger sizes like a UK 13 & 14 ? Many thanks

  4.' Debbie says:

    Looks like a cool shoe, but I am very disappointed that you are increasing the heel-to-toe differential drop so much from the Inov8 Trailroc comparable models. I run (happily) in the Trailroc 235’s and was thinking about using the 435’s for longer races (100k+). I am not happy about the 220 having a 4mm drop. I may still try it–depending on how it fits— but there’s no way I am buying the 250 with an 8mm drop for my step-up shoe. When the Trailroc are discontinued, I will be looking for a different shoe from a different company to meet my needs.

  5.' Joel says:

    I love the offset lacing on the 220. How does the stack height/cushioning compare with the Trailroc 245?

    I suppose it’s less?

    I as well am sad the 250 will be up to 8mm heel-toe differential now.

    • lee@inov-8 says:

      Hi Joel, the drop height (heel to toe differential) on the TERRACLAW 220 is very similar to that in the TRAILROC 245.

      Stack specific:
      TRAILROC 245: Heel: 10mm / Forefoot: 7mm
      TERRACLAW 220: Heel: 10mm / Forefoot 6mm

      If you like the TRAILROC 245, I think you will also like the TERRACLAW 220.


  6.' Steve says:

    Looks like they are both shoes I want to try! I am glad INOV is going with a 4mm drop for the faster/shorter race shoe, and 8mm for longer efforts. And they are both light enough for racing whatever- for that matter. We have been through the minimal phase, and I am really happy that common sense is coming back to the market-with regards to drop height and cushion. Most people cannot run in a zero drop shoe. 4 mm seems to be at the lower end of what I can handle, and people that can run 0, 4mm is not going to bother them. 8mm is really my sweet spot, and I believe many 50+ runners like myself, along with ultra runners need around 8mm to keep the calf fatigue down- and my old feet need a little more cushion that an 8mm drop can bring to the table. 🙂 Plus, 90%+ of runners heel strike when running slower-like in a longer race. So, great job INOV! Love my Montrail Fluid Flex ST’s, but looking forward trying your product. I’m a 50+ year old runner that has been running since 1982, and have finally graduated to trail racing! Ha! 🙂

  7. […] off for 20 minutes before embarking on our adventure. I was excited to try out the new inov-8 TERRACLAW 250. What better way to gear test than traverse 40+miles in […]

  8.' September ahh says:

    Ahhh I’ve been looking all over the internet for a release date. Was hoping to grab a pair before I leave for my PCT Sierra section hike late July. Would have been great to put these through a 270 mile test. The shoes from brand A***a just don’t feel like an extension of my foot as they do with Inov8’s. Will definitely try out a pair before my next foray.

  9. […] the truth is you need to do good solid training runs in your gear. I’ve been running in the TERRACLAW 250 and 220 shoes for the last few months in preparation for Lakeland […]

  10.' Gael says:

    Hi, does the terraclaw have same exceptional grip as the xtalon? Or are they closer to trailroc or roclite kind of shoe?



  11.' Fausto says:

    I’m very impressed by the look of the new terraclaw 220 and 250 I’m a big fan of the Race Ultra 290 which made me smile from the get go and I still smiling after 400 k! I’m down to the shop to try them as soon as the terraclaw 22 are available. Can you tell me if they’ve got a rock plate? From the picture I cannot tell? I think is the only feature missing from my beloved Race Ultra 290! thanks!


  12.' Piero says:

    Received yesterday in Italy with the 250 purchase in UK , for us too expensive gear between sterilina and shipping but I could not wait I was too curious . Made just two outputs during a lunchtime and in the evening . I tried the shoe on two quite different terrains , the first fund sliding with frequent changes of gradient and the second the classic single track , alternating rock and soft ground of undergrowth . First impression very positive , large estate on the bars , soft soles and excellent cushioning , downhill really fun . Now all that remains is to wait for a rainy period to be able to test on wet soils .

  13.' Howard Norton says:

    Hi Lee to say I’m an inov8 fan is an under statement, I curantly have 11 pairs in use ( trail road & casual ) but I wear uk13. All your new releases only go to size 12 is this a permanent move. Thanks howard

    • lee@inov-8 says:

      Hi Howard, thanks for your support of the brand. Yes, several of our new releases go up to size UK 12. I will pass your feedback onto the relevant teams, who continually check size demand and adjust the size curve accordingly. Thanks.

  14.' Chris says:


    I am keen to buy a pair of the terra claw 250’s. How does the fit compare to the x-talon 200’s? Should i buy the same size? Or are they different?

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