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Team Inov-8 Fitness Athletes Represent at CrossFit Games

Anna Tunnicliffe fights through injury

During the last week of July, team inov-8’s Anna Tunnicliffe, Cassidy Lance, Dan Bailey and Pat Barber wrapped up another CrossFit Games. All veterans to the week-long test of fitness, they proved their physical strength and mental toughness after being put through four days of grueling WODs, many of which were announced just hours or even minutes before, all programmed by CrossFit Games director, Dave Castro.

Anna Tunnicliffe entered this year’s CrossFit Games finishing 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit regionals this past spring. She started this year’s Games with an outstanding first place finish at the first day’s The Beach event. The workout combined three different swims in the ocean with kettle bell thrusters. Tunnicliffe maintained a lead during the workout focusing on staying ahead on the swim.

“Half way to the first buoy, I knew I was ahead and so I focused on trying to maintain a lead at that point. There were two girls right on my tail around the buoy and all the way back to the sand to do our thrusters and burpees.”

After taking first place in the unique WOD, Tunnicliffe took home her first CrossFit Games event win of her career.

“It was such an amazing feeling crossing that line in first. I did well in a few events last year, but never finished top three, let alone win them, so I was so happy to start out this year’s {CrossFit} Games with an event win. It felt like winning my first sailing race again.”

Anna Tunnicliffe proved her strength after experiencing a painful plantar fascia injury during The Triple Threes event which involved a 3,000-m row, 300 double-unders and a 3 mile run. Although she felt pain throughout every WOD the rest of the weekend, she completed every sprint carry, clean, muscle up, snatch, pull up, and rope climb despite limps and twinges of pain. Anna maintained that she was “going to give it her all and have fun.” With a 22nd overall finish, Tunnicliffe was disappointed but already looking ahead.

Anna Tunnicliffe finishes the last WOD of the weekend

Anna Tunnicliffe finishes the last WOD of the weekend

“Overall I finished 22nd. It was nowhere near where I wanted to finish, and was really bummed …but today I am focused on next year already and will, after a few days off, get back to training.”

Dan Bailey finishes top 10

Although not sitting as high up on the leaderboard as he wanted, Dan Bailey attacked the final event of the 2014 CrossFit Games, Double Grace, to finish the weekend in 10th place overall. Known for mastering Grace prior to the Games, Bailey took first place in his heat and third overall in the grueling 60 clean and jerks WOD with a finish time of 5:09.

“This year more than ever, I wasn’t anxious about any particular event. You are going to do the workout no matter what, regardless of what it is. So, I try to focus on what I need to do in order to be as successful as I can be.”

Other WODs that Bailey exceled at during the CrossFit Games week were The Beach, 21-15-9 Complex, Push Pull and Midline March. Despite falling out of the top heat of men during the weekend, Bailey’s last events brought him up to another top ten finish at the CrossFit Games.

Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey hits the run on the Triple 3s

“Overall I felt the weekend went well. It was my goal to not drop more than 1 event into the high 20’s or 30’th places. Unfortunately that happened three times! In the heat of the moment you can’t let those drop offs affect the next event coming up.”

Cassidy Lance moves up in her 2nd year

Cassidy Lance, a rookie in 2013, received CrossFit’s “Most improved” award for the 2014 CrossFit Games. This year she competed with some of the world’s top CrossFitters, and some of her idols, such as Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Julie Foucher, Annie Thorisdottir, and Becca Voigt. Although Cassidy had her eye on a couple of her competitors, it was not necessarily to beat them.

“I was focusing on who do I need to stick by or keep up with at each workout, not necessarily identifying who I need to beat.”

Lance started off the Games with two top five finishes, tying for third in the Overhead Squat event and setting the tone for the rest of the weekend. Consistently maintaining her presence in the top heat, Lance went on to take 8th overall in the 2014 CrossFit Games, twenty points ahead of her 2013 finish.

Cassidy Lance wins Most Improved Award

“Competing with the other women who made it this far and who I competed with at regionals, has been an absolute inspiration and challenge. I have to thank them for pushing me each and every day to be the best I can.”

Pat Barber takes on the team competition

After always competing as an individual, Pat Barber decided to join a team this year with fellow NorCal CrossFit names like Miranda Oldroyd, Jen Cadmus, Nick Zambruno and wife, Taz Barber. Pat Barber and the rest of Team NorCal worked hard to take nine top ten finishes throughout the weekend to come in fifth place overall. Although the team faced their fair share of struggles with teammate Miranda Oldroyd facing potential heatstroke during the Triple Threes, the team managed to hold on to their top five spot the entire weekend.


Pat Barber cheers on teammates from Team NorCal

“All things considered we had some absolute tragedies happen during some events and we still ended up in 5th place at the CrossFit Games! If that’s not a win I don’t know what is. I am super pumped with the results. ”

Each athlete is already looking ahead, taking some time off briefly after the Games before setting their sights on new goals and challenges. Dan Bailey will join fellow CrossFitters Lauren Fisher, Josh Bridges and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet as part of Team Rogue Fitness Red for the new CrossFit Team Series. They will face other super teams made up of elite talent like Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Sam Briggs and Julie Foucher on Team Rogue Fitness Red. He will also compete in the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run on September 14th with Miranda Oldroyd and other big names in CrossFit.

Taking on a different team challenge in the NPGL, Cassidy Lance is a proud member and captain of the Gridleague’s Miami Surge with her season kicking off on August 24th against the Boston Iron.

Anna Tunnicliffe will be making a trip to Connecticut in September to compete in Beast of the East.

Pat Barber, like Dan, will be traveling to Hawaii to compete in CrossFit Oahu’s Hawaii Games annual charity event.

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