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Shoes for 13.2

Lisa Mikkelsen on Appropriate Shoes for Metcons

Opens 13.2 was a fun little ditty. A “10 minute sprint”.


Well, I come from a running background and I know you can’t sprint for 10 minutes. However, the weights and rep scheme were light enough that we could keep moving quickly through the workout for the full 10 minutes.

I wish I had thought to share my take on which shoes to pick for this sort of workout before we all did it but maybe it’s worth posting about it now for the future.


My favorite shoe to compete in is the road-x 155. Such a light and breathable shoe that feels like a slipper. However, for things like box jumps, double unders and other movements that tax the Achilles and calves, my go-to shoe is the f-lite 215 (f-lite 240 for the guys). The “1-arrow” road-x 155 has a lower profile or differential so the heel sits closer to the ground in them, 3mm, to be exact. The f-lite 215s are a “2-arrow” shoe so they have a 6mm differential and therefore I feel help to relieve some of the possible strain that box jumps and double unders may put the body under.

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