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Savoy Mountain Trail Race

Written by Alex Jospe

Because trail racing has been what I’ve felt like doing lately, I signed up for the Savoy Mt. race last weekend, knowing virtually nothing about the course, but figuring it would harbor at least some decent views given the description, and hopefully some good ups and downs with many rocks in the way. That was a pretty good figure, and the new course that premiered this year was pretty awesome! There was just enough mud to keep you on your toes, plenty of runnable rolling ups and downs, a smattering of rocks, a really fantastic post-race potluck bbq complete with live music, and a pond for swimming after the race.

I had some very pleasant company throughout the race, typically guys who were much faster on the uphills and I’d catch back to them on the downhills, but it was fun to have people with whom I could exclaim at the view, or whoop on the big drops. The trail along the ridge was glorious – it hasn’t been overly trafficked, so is still all squishy and fun underfoot, while not being overgrown at all, and the northern hardwood forests around that area of the state are beautiful. Needless to say, I was having a good day, with my mental state exactly where I wanted it. Physically, I had one of those chest colds that rattles your whole body when you cough, but as long as I could keep wheezing my way to the top of the hills, I knew I’d be fine coming down them. I chose a pair of TrailRoc236s for the job today, and they were more than up to the challenge, wide-spaced lugs clearing mud and gripping well. Good shoes make such a difference, especially on the downhills.

After dancing through the woods for a few hours to some unknowable internal tune, I came home a few minutes clear of the next ladies, and won a big ol’ tub of blueberries for my effort. Worth it! This race is definitely going on my calendar for next year, though preferably without the chest cold, and I’m already considering what trail race I should do next…

Even Inov-8 shoes smell bad if you run them through marshes, but bad enough to kill a bird?

Even Inov-8 shoes smell bad if you run them through marshes, but bad enough to kill a bird?

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