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Road to the Regionals: Stacey Kroon

Reflecting back on the Opens

On April 4th I wrapped up the preliminary round of the Crossfit Games season, The Opens. After five weeks of submitting workouts, planning my personal programming, and balancing work and rest days to elicit the highest results, I finished up 4th place in the Northeast Region. I have to admit I am excited to have this portion of the season over. I look forward to getting back to my training without the interruption of high stress workouts.

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While The Opens can be fun and they do show how you stack up to other competitors in the region, there needs to be a nice balance of training and rest in order to hit the workouts hard. Each workout is announced on Wednesday night and you have until Sunday night to get it done. There are no rules saying that you can only do the workout once. This means that you could literally do the workout 20 times, each time trying to get a better score. However as much as we all wanted to get the best possible score and win the region, there is so much more work to be done to prepare for Regionals. It would not make sense to keep doing the Open workouts and neglect other workouts with different skills.

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This is where ego comes into play. I had to accept that maybe my best performance on the Open workouts did not happen, and then move on. As hard as it was to not do the workouts multiple times, I know that the true test is waiting for me at Regionals. In order to prepare for Regionals I needed to check my ego at the door and get through the Open one workout at a time. At Regionals there are no second chances, no trying again harder tomorrow. You have to be ready when the buzzer goes off and you have to know that all your training has prepared you for the workout ahead. Step One, the Opens, is done – onto step two, Regionals.

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