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Road to the Games: Shane Farmer

Shane Farmer, from CrossFit Invictus, competed in SoCal CrossFit Regionals from May 17-19th. His team, Team Invictus, placed first in the region and will be competing at the CrossFit Games at the end of July. Find out more about this dedicated athlete.

Shane Farmer

What was your last meal before you competed in the first WOD of Regionals?

It was a team meal with bbq’d chicken and ribs if I remember correctly. Our team mom and dad, Karen & Jim Martin do an outstanding job of preparing our meals for competition. They prep the food up to a week ahead of time with a small army of help, to help us be at our peak when competition comes.

Do you have any rituals before you go out there?

My routine starts the evening before check in. I usually take about an hour to myself and lay all the possible equipment, clothing, and show options I mightneed during that competition out of my bed. I then fold everything neatly and pack it so I know where everything is. Before I go to bed that night I’ll usually visualize/meditate for 20 minutes and finish with some tea to help me relax. The next morning I usually wake up raring to go with everything ready, I just have to do my hair and I’m ready.

What is your goat?

Handstand stuff. These long arms mean I have to travel a long distance for the same movement as some of the shorter guys who can blast through that stuff.

There is 1 min left in a WOD, what is going through your mind?

Full Effort is Full Victory. Walk off the floor with nothing left. When you know you couldn’t have given one more rep, taken one
more step, or pulled yourself up one more time, it doesn’t matter if you won the workout, what matters is that you achieved inner victory.

While you are competing, can you hear people cheering for you or are you zoned in?

Team Invictus has always had an incredible support system. When we compete, there are usually a minimum of 100 people in green shirts and red “V’s” cheering for us. There are no words to describe what it feels like to be sporting Invictus green in the heat of battle and know that you’re working for each and every one of those people.It’s impossible not to FEEL their support. As to whether I can HEAR them is a different story. The mindset in competition is usually a blank slate. I go onto the field of battle with our team game plan and the only thing on my mind is to execute, we can barely hear each other sometimes so I can’t really hear people
but I sure do feel every ounce of their energy.

When you compete on the road, what do you do for food? (Bring your own, grocery shop locally, eat out, etc.)

Again, we’re extremely lucky in that Karen and the Invictus support crew are mobile and that our competitions are usually within driving distance so we tend to bring our own food.

How do you feel going into the Games?

This being my fourth consecutive year going to the games I couldn’t be more excited. Every year gets a little bit better and more exciting. The greatest feeling I have going to the Games every year however is honor. I feel honored and humbled to be able to say that I represent Team Invictus, The Sea of Green, and my sponsor Inov-8. There is nothing like the knowledge that people want you to win, want you to succeed, and knowing that a victory for our team isn’t really for us but for the all of the people who show up and own a piece of every victory. Each win, each medal, represents the accumulation of the people who were their cheering or supporting me.

Thanks Shane. Train hard and we look forward (among with many others) to watching you compete at the Games!

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