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Road to the Games: Shane Farmer

Balanced Training

Going back to the CrossFit Games for the fourth year in a row has been a hectic, exciting journey. Since last year I’ve faced countless ups and downs. Training has been extremely challenging at times and extremely rewarding at others. I can think back to a few moments that have stuck out to me, from hitting a new PR on my snatch to being lucky enough to live in San Diego and train on cliffs that seem to drop right into the ocean.

Over the past year, my mindset has been a relatively new one for me and it’s taken some getting used to. It’s been one of balance. I’ve realized that life is made up of all these wonderful elements, relationships, exploration, self-realization, eating, just to name a few. All together they make up the greatness that is life. I compete because I love the rush and I love representing something greater than myself…The Sea of Green (Invictus) & Inov-8, but I’ve come to the understanding that it is not everything.

What matters to me is that I’m able to appreciate the ebb and flow of life. That if something else calls for attention it’s ok to give it. That a well balanced person (a core element of CrossFit) is a strong person. I think Inov-8 has really had a part in that balance. We formed our relationship to my passion for the company. They saw that not only did I compete but I also enjoyed their products on a level outside of that and they chose to support that effort and for that I’m extremely grateful.

As a coach, I openly encourage clients and people I speak with to find their own balance. I write a weekly note to my clients that encourages open thinking and asks people to get outside their own skin for a moment to see the greater picture. THIS I believe, is the true purpose in life. To live it to it’s fullest. To understand life is bigger than the day to day and there is a lot to be said for the balance of it all.


So for those weekend warriors or die-hards. Go do your thing. Appreciate all that you achieve, and maybe once a week step outside your normal. Read something new, listen to someone you think is crazy, run a new trail, and when it’s all done take a moment to appreciate WHY you do it. Appreciate YOUR balance.

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