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Road to the Games: Emily Friedman

After placing 6th in the Northeast regionals in 2012, Emily Friedman worked harder than ever and came back stronger and faster in 2013 and placed 3rd in the Southeast. Find out more about Emily as she prepares for the CrossFit Games at the end of July.

Emily Pistol

What was your last meal before you competed in the first WOD of Regionals?

There was a little asian bistro across the street from where I was staying … so I had some fish and veggies … keep it light and simple .

Do you have any rituals before you go out there?

I like to listen to my iPod when I can because it puts me in my own comfort zone.

What is your goat?

I’d say the things I least like or struggle with the most are rowing and heavy snatches, but I’m trying to close those gaps.

There is 1 min left in a WOD, what is going through your mind?

With one minute left you have to just “drain the tank” and give everything you have left. Honestly though, I try to go into every workout having already decided that it’s “game on”. I almost always know before the workout has started if it’s going to be a good workout or a bad workout because I have already decided. And that mentality does not change in the beginning or end of the workout.

In Event 4 (the 100s), there are 2 100s down, 2 100s to go. “I got this” or “oh shit”?

I strategized on the 100’s workout so that by the time I got to pistols, I was pretty fresh and ready to go. I knew that I could be slower off the wall balls and pull-ups and make a lot of ground on the second 2 movements if I didn’t’ cross the red line.

While you are competing, can you hear people cheering for you or are you zoned in?

Last year I was definitely distracted by the crowd and looking around at other athletes. This year I didn’t hear much of anything (other that when I rested too long you better believe I heard Amber yelling at me!)

When you compete on the road, what do you do for food? (Bring your own, grocery shop locally, eat out, etc.)

I do a mix of both. I always pack my Nutriforce Protein . I like to pack some Larabars, nut butters, apples/bananas. I pack a really healthy lunch with protein and veggies for the plane or car ride. Once I get settled into where I’m staying, grocery shopping is the 1st priority.

After a big win (the regionals) do you celebrate (if so, how?) or do you go back to train harder?

Both. Part of celebrating is getting back to training hard. It is motivating. When I do well, it makes me want to do even better. But, there is also usually a cheat meal and a massage involved also 🙂

What is your best/favorite kind of workout (endurance, heavy lifting, etc.)?

I love workouts that are truly well rounded. My favorite workouts involved something heavy as well as something highly skilled. The more skilled, the more fun in my opinion.

How do you feel going into the Games?

I feel honored and excited to be competing among such amazing athletes. I’m going to be training extremely hard over the next 6 weeks. I like to think of myself as a the “Dirty South Dark Horse”. A little bit of an underdog, but I plan on making some waves in California. My number one goal is to make the people who have made this possible proud. Its about all of us, not just about me.

Congratulations Emily! You’ve worked so hard for this and we’re looking forward to cheering you on at the Games!!

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