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Road to the Games: Derek Mohamed

Team inov-8 athlete, Derek Mohamed, didn’t compete in the Regionals this year because of an injury but he WILL be going to the Games with Team CrossFit New England. After working on getting healthy, Derek is ready to compete!

Derek Mohammed

What was your last meal before you competed in the first WOD of Regionals?

I actually didn’t compete in Regionals this year. I’ve had shoulder injuries all year and I decided the week before Regionals that I would sit out. We felt super confident in our alternate and that we could qualify for the Games without me, which was the teams ultimate goal. It was a tough decision for me since I’ve competed in every regional since 2009, but it was the right thing to do for the team. Since then I’ve focused on getting healthy and I feel great and ready to go for the Games.

Do you have any rituals before you go out there?

Definitely. Need to find a quiet place before the event to be by myself and visualize the entire workout.

What is your goat?

Goat??? Just kidding. Generally I do better with heavier loads, not as well with gymnastics.

There is 1 min left in a WOD, what is going through your mind?

Just keep moving, focus on the next rep, no big breaks.

In Event 4 (the 100s), there are 2 100s down, 2 100s to go. “I got this” or “oh shit”?

Neither. I try to stay in the moment and just focus on the next thing. For me, thinking about the workout in its entirety or even what’s left is a distraction. I just try to focus on the next thing I have to do and in some cases thinking about how many reps I want to get- in some cases it’s unbroken, and in some cases it’s trying to get to a certain number before breaking, but I don’t get hung up on that either. If the plan doesn’t work, I just reset and start over on the next thing I need to do.

This changes a bit in a team workout where there are multiple athletes and a lot of moving pieces. In that case we have a game plan and are communicating though out the event.

While you are competing, can you hear people cheering for you or are you zoned in?

Zoned in. If the logistics allow for me to be able to hear or see our coach I’ll look and listen for him a bit, but that’s usually not the case at the Games. In that environment it’s focus on the next thing, and then communicate with the team according to our game plan for that event.

When you compete on the road, what do you do for food? (Bring your own, grocery shop locally, eat out, etc.)

Whole Foods! Always have a cooler ready to go with staples like chicken and some fruit, and also have protein and some electrolyte supplements with me. Alot of that has changed with the Games growth over the last few years though. The spread that they had for us last year was unbelievable and I’m sure it will be even bigger this year. It’s a little different than when we laid in the dirt after an event at the games in aromas in 09!

After a big win (the regionals) do you celebrate (if so, how?) or do you go back to train harder?

Immediately after an event I take some down time. After the games the last few years its been 2-3 weeks and then back to it. Our goal has always been to win the Games so we don’t take too much time to celebrate after Regionals. We stay focused on the Games and getting ready.

What is your best/favorite kind of workout (endurance, heavy lifting, etc.)?

Personally I do best competitively with lifting workouts like dt, isabell or grace. That said, my favorite workouts are team workouts that require a lot of strategy and communication that are traditional Crossfit programming.

How do you feel going into the Games?

Personally, I feel very strong and ready. As far as our team goes, I’m very excited to see what we can do. We have amazing athletes and the best coach in Crossfit, Ben Bergeron. Its a lot of fun to be able to go compete as part of a team where everyone has a team first attitude. Four of us return from our team from last year (James Hobart, Kevin Montoya, Heather Bergeron, and myself), and I’m also super excited for 2 of my teammates who will be competing in their first games (Rachel Martinez and Bethany Hart).

Finally, I’d like to say THANK YOU to the good people at inov-8 who have been so supportive over the last few years. I appreciate it!

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