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December 23, 2016 Comments (0) All Posts, Product Insights

Reviews: The New Roclite Trail Running Shoe Series

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Following its relaunch in late 2016, the new ROCLITE trail running shoe series has gone on to become a global success story. In particular, the ROCLITE 290 and ROCLITE 305 (plus ROCLITE 305 GTX) have been heralded worldwide. But don’t just take our word for it, check out all these awards and stellar reviews from those in the know.

“The ROCLITE 290 feels awesome to run in. Light and exciting for training or racing on any terrain. 10/10. BEST IN TEST” – Trail Running Magazine UK, June/July 2017.

“The ROCLITE 290 is a no-frills trail runner that can handle serious punishment. Lightweight and super-grippy on technical terrain, it’s also nimble and flexible. 2017 SUMMER PEAK GEAR AWARD WINNER” – Elevation Outdoors, June 2017. Read the full review HERE.

“The very detailed midsection of the upper delivers extremely secure hold during downhills and makes for a great fit. The ROCLITE 290 is one of our tester’s favourites” – Runner’s World, Germany, June 2017. Read the full review HERE.

“The inov-8 Roclite 305 GTX is an all-terrain warrior. This traditional trail running shoe is our EDITOR’S CHOICE winner because of its exemplary performance in the areas of foot protection and traction” – Outdoor Gear Lab, USA, May 2017. Read the full review HERE.

“A great all-around shoe with aggressive traction yet no lack of cushioning and rock-plate protection. The ROCLITE 305 allows full-bore running without as much concern for foot placement over the rocks, roots, mud, and dry sections as well as in all types of weather” – iRunFar, May 2017. Read the full review HERE.

“A well rounded, versatile trail racer/trainer. Score: 9.1 out of 10” – RoadTrailRun, May 2017. Read the full review HERE.

iRunFar photo of Inov-8-Roclite-305

The ROCLITE 305, here in one of the women’s colour options. Photo: Bryon Powell/iRunFar

“The ROCLITE 290 is a highly durable shoe that would serve as an every day option for trail running mortals and a long-run model for mountain goats” – Runner’s World USA, May 2017.

“The ROCLITE 305 is like an uber-grippy exoskeleton for your feet” – Trail Runner Magazine USA.

“The ROCLITE 305 is a real insider tipp and a shoe where inov-8 shows everything they know about trail running.  The new shoe is very light, weighing just 305 grammes, and performs well on all surfaces. There is also a Gore-Tex Version. The shoe is super agile but also very comfortable – a winning combination. Another plus is that the ROCLITE takes very little breaking in” Aktiv Lauren magazine, Germany, August 2017.

“A ROC ‘N’ SOLE STAR – If you’re looking for a one-stop trail option, it’s hard to look past the ROCLITE 305” – Runner’s World UK, May 2017.

roc n sole star

“The lightest model in inov-8’s much-loved ROCLITE range (the ROCLITE 290) is versatility itself. Equally comfortable on muddy trails as it is on tarmacked roads, it’s the perfect option for those looking to move confidently over multiple terrains. 9/10 BEST OVERALL IN TEST” – Men’s Running, March 2017.

“A shoe designed for runners who want to dance over the trails…. welcome to the ROCLITE 290, your new best friends. EDITOR’S CHOICE” – Women’s Running, March 2017.

“It’s quite clear that I really enjoyed running in the Roclite 290s. I cant wait to put more miles in with them” – Trail & Kale, March 2017. Read the full review HERE.

“They hug your feet as if to say ‘come on, let’s go running, what you waiting for?'” – Run 247, January 2017. Read the full review HERE. Run 247 put three different ROCLITE shoes to the test and compared how each one stacked up. The review adds: “The grip gives you so much confidence when running downhill, I just wish I had as much confidence in my own downhill running!”

“A go-to pair of hill running trainers for me. ROCLITES are great shoes and ones I have trusted for many years. The updated version of the ROCLITE 305 is more comfortable and a nicer fit than the last pair I owned. Mark: 9/10.” Fiona Outdoors, for Run Ultra UK, January 2017. Read the full review HERE.

The ROCLITE 325, meanwhile, was reviewed by UK hill walking guru Chris Townsend. Writing on The Great Outdoors website, he said: “These are excellent ultralight hillwalking and backpacking boots.” Read the full review HERE.

inov-8 roclite 290 award winner

‘One of my favourite shoes of the year’

“inov-8 have thrown a curve ball in at the end of 2016 and may well have provided me with one of my favourite shoes of the year. Yes, the ROCLITE 305 is that good.” – Ian Corless, December 2016.

Influential running journalist Ian put the ROCLITE 305 – new for Spring/Summer 2017 – to the test over a multitude of demanding terrains in La Palma (Spain).

First launched in 2006, the ROCLITE has come in many guises over the last 10 years and proven a huge success worldwide with runners seeking a versatile shoe that can handle all types of off-road terrain.

From the original ROCLITE 315 to the super-lightweight ROCLITE 243 and the more recent ROCLITE 295, runners wearing these shoes have broken global records and won world championships. It was even the shoe of choice for Kevin Carr, who between 2013 and 2015 undertook the ultimate all terrain running challenge, becoming the fastest man to run around the world.

Now, to mark a decade at the top, the ROCLITE has undergone its most significant revamp to date. While the DNA at the heart of its success has been retained, five new shoes make up a fresh, exciting ROCLITE range that boasts next generation running shoe technologies.

Ian wrote: “If you are running on trail, be that a canal tow path or a rocky mountain trail in the Alps, the ROCLITE 305 will take some beating and without doubt it’s going to be a shoe of choice for me in 2017. The fit, the snug upper, the seamless build and the gusseted tongue just make the 305 one of the best shoes I have run in. Add to that package 8mm drop, cushioning, a great outsole and other key inov-8 features such as the ‘X’ Lock, Adapterweb, Meta-Flex and Meta-Shank and this shoe is one to consider.” Read Ian’s full review HERE.

‘A great all around outdoor activity shoe’

Designed for running adventures when the terrain is at its most variable and unpredictable, the ROCLITE 290, 305, 305 GTX, 325 and 325 GTX will handle anything from muddy paths to rocky trails – and everything in between.

  • The ROCLITE 290 is our lightest (290g), most flexible ROCLITE shoe, designed for agile, fast running over multiple and varied terrains. It delivers a responsive ride and high levels of durability, making it perfect for racing both on the trails and off them.
  • The ROCLITE 305 is a slightly heavier (305g) shoe but boasts extra comfort and protection. Super-durable upper materials provide a premium fit and feel in a shoe that is ideal for training runs over every kind of ground imaginable.
  • The ROCLITE 325 is a lightweight (325g) boot version of the 305 that provides more support for ankles. It’s perfect for fast-paced backpacking (fast-packing) and long, arduous training runs over multiple types of unstable terrain.
  • The ROCLITE 305 GTX and ROCLITE 325 GTX are waterproof versions of the ROCLITE 305 and ROCLITE 325 respectively. They both feature the latest in GORE-TEX product technology to ensure feet remain dry and comfortable while running.

The ROCLITE 305 has also been put through its paces by Margaret Schlachter from Mud Run Guide. She wrote: “To me, this shoe is for anyone looking for a one-stop shop…. If you don’t want to have an arsenal of shoes in your house for each race distance and activity, this is a great all around outdoor activity shoe that will stand up to the rigors of a variety of terrains and conditions.” Read Margaret’s full review HERE.

inov-8 roclite 305

The features of the ROCLITE 305. You can discover more about this shoe and the rest of the ROCLITE series by clicking HERE.

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