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RACE ULTRA 270 running shoe

‘Comfortable and durable enough to sustain high-mileage training’ Gear Institute
‘Have a wider foot? The inov-8 Race Ultra 270 could be your next favorite shoe’ Active Gear Review
‘Our testers gushed about the Race Ultra 270’s agility and grip on technical terrain’ Trailrunner
‘A deceptive amount of cushioning & ample traction. Unique blend of speed & stability’ Men’s Running
‘My new favourite running shoe’
‘A weapon for long runs and technical terrain’ Gear Exposure
‘Mountain goat agility on technical terrain. Shoe of the week’ Competitor

Building on the success of our award-winning RACE ULTRA 290, we designed a new lighter version – the RACE ULTRA 270

Working closely with top international ultra runners in its development, the RACE ULTRA 270 gives long-distance athletes an even faster weapon in their running shoe armoury. Available now, the RACE ULTRA 270 weighs in at just 270g -20g lighter than the RACE ULTRA 290 -and has been designed for big-mile races over trails and mountains. With a reduced 4mm drop (heel to toe differential), the RACE ULTRA 270 brings the athlete closer to the terrain. And while this delivers increased levels of proprioception, the shoe retains optimal cushioning and comfort.

2015 Transgrancanaria race winner Gediminas Grinius in the RACE ULTRA 270

2015 Transgrancanaria race winner Gediminas Grinius in the RACE ULTRA 270s

A flatter outsole ensures a stable ride when fatigue sets in, while outstanding grip is guaranteed through a combination of sticky and high abrasion rubber cleats. Our unique on-the-shoe attachment system allows a RACE ULTRA GAITER (available to buy separately) to be fitted, ensuring all debris is kept at bay. A multi-finger polymer Meta-Shank aligns with each individual metatarsal, delivering an extra kick of energy with every step while retaining impact protection and flexibility. The RACE ULTRA 270 has been engineered in our standard fit, which allows extra room and increased comfort for when feet swell over long distance races.

Brendan Davies WSER100

Brendan Davies at last year’s famous Western States 100 ultra race. In 2015 he will compete at Western States again, this time wearing our RACE ULTRA 270. Photo by Matt Trappe

International ultra runner Brendan Davies, who finished top-8 in both the Western States 100 and Ultra-Trail Mt Fuji last year, was involved in the testing and development of the RACE ULTRA 270.

Brendan said: “The RACE ULTRA 270 is the perfect running shoe for racing long distances over trails. With the 4mm drop I still have a great feel of the ground underneath my feet but with superb comfort too. The Meta-Shank gives me flexible and lightweight protection. It means I can run long distances and always be protected from the harsh sandstone that is a feature where I live in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

Race Ultra 270 outsole

“The grip is ideal for running long ultras. It really is a great all-round running shoe, offering superb traction on technical trails, both in dry and wet conditions. I also use it in training when a lot of my running is on fire trails. I’ve found the RACE ULTRA 270 really comfortable when running big miles in training. I wore the RACE ULTRA 270 when, as part of a four-man team, breaking the course record for a 100k race in Sydney and plan to wear it for a lot of races in 2015, including the Western States 100.”

Ray Zahab in Race Ultra 270

Ray Zahab, who ran 800 miles across the Patagonian Desert, posted this photo on his Instagram account

The RACE ULTRA 270 was also the running shoe on the feet of global adventurer Ray Zahab, who pushed his body to the limit in an 800-mile challenge across the Patagonian Desert, one of the most remote and extreme places on earth. Kieran Alger also wore it to run the 2015 Marathon des Sables – 156 miles of unforgiving sand. Read Kieran’s post-race blog.

After gaining a sneak peek of the RACE ULTRA 270, Men’s Running magazine (UK) named the shoe as one of their top-six hottest trail running product picks for 2015. The magazine, who also included our RACE ULTRA SHELL in the top-six of their February issue, wrote: “inov-8 have consistently made excellent off-road shoes – and the RACE ULTRA 270 is no exception. These lightweight off-roaders weigh just 270g and have a reduced 4mm drop, bringing you closer to the ground. A flatter outsole ensures a stable ride when legs get tired and the rugged outsole gives great traction.”

Since then, Men’s Running magazine have conducted a full test and review of the RACE ULTRA 270 and, in their May issue, awarded it BEST IN TEST.

Sitting alongside the RACE ULTRA 290 in the range, the RACE ULTRA 270 is available in two colour options for both men and women. Our RACE ULTRA offering also includes apparel and equipment, including the award-winning vest packs.

Race ultra 270

New RACE ULTRA 270 colourways for men and women will be introduced into the range for AW15 (available to buy from July). See the new colour ways below:

race ultra 270

New Race Ultra 270 men’s colourway for AWIS

race ultra 270

New Race Ultra 270 women’s colourway for AW15

20 Responses to RACE ULTRA 270 running shoe

  1. Thanks for the update and for continuing to make such great shoes! Can you offer any thoughts on how similar or different the fit and feel are of the Race Ultra 270s vs the Trail Roc 245s? I don’t have a retailer nearby to try them on first. I love the Trail Roc 245s and their neutral footbed, but looking for something with just a bit more protection for longer runs and races, and maybe just a touch wider in the forefoot. Any input is appreciated!

  2.' Howard norton says:

    Hi Why is the race ultra shoe not available in men’s UK 13. I have many inov8 shoes of different styles all in this size ????

    • lee@inov-8 says:

      Hi Howard, we are fast-growing, niche brand. Hopefully, as demand for our products increases further we will be able to make all shoes available in UK13. Thanks for your support.

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  4. […] While the training is tough, I hadn’t really anticipated how daunting it is to choose your kit for the desert. A great deal hangs on the choices you make, from the right shoes and backpack to whether you’re going to need clothes to wear at camp in the evenings. There’s food, foot care, sand goggles, socks, sun cream, stoves, hats, socks, sunglasses, lighters, water bottles, hydration solutions, sleeping bags, mats and even anti-venom pumps to find. You soon find yourself in spreadsheet territory, logging the weight of everything. You learn things like AAA lithium batteries weigh less than the other type. However, it pays to be meticulous because every gram really does count. In selecting my running shoes alone I tried out six different pairs, ordering them all and returning the ones I didn’t like from a first test conducted inside my house. Eventually I got down to two pairs that I kept and ran with. Finally I went for the inov-8 RACE ULTRA 270. […]

  5.' Ivan Campos says:

    Hi Evan,

    I am planning to run next Transvulcania race and after use trailroc 235, I am wonderingg if for this kind of race, the race ultra 270 model, will be a good option. I run always with trailroc 235, and I am very happy in my runs in milleage next to 42km, but for ultra I am not sure, if the cushioning of race ultra 270 is similar or equal to trailroc 235, so I will appreciate your answer and comments, as I have so shohrt time to take a decision and start training with the new pair of shoes if it were a race ultra 270 (I only run in drop 0 shoes since 2 years ago, so do not know how 4mm drop can affect to my run).
    Thanks a lot for your answer!!

    • Eóin Treacy says:

      Hi Ivan, sorry we didnt get back to you before the race, we hope it went well. we would never recommend changing shoes this close to a race and always encourage you to seek in store one to one advice. Hope this helps.

  6.' Pavel says:

    Race Ultra 270 are the best shoes ever for trail running! – sorry, only in Czech

  7.' Alberto says:

    The Race Ulktra 270 is fantastic! It have grip in all weather condition but I don’t love the confort fit… A lot of my friends give me the same feedback. In long distance trail have problem of bubble because the shoes are large in the front. I usually run with xtalon 192 on my feet without problem. Why Inov8 prefer the confort fit? The model with the precision fit are very poor… Thanks in advance for the answer. regards

    • lee@inov-8 says:

      Hi Alberto, we have two fits: precision and standard. Originally all our shoes were made with a precision fit. We introduced the standard fit to give more options to runners. The standard fit offers a close-fitting heel that locks the shoe in position, while a wider toe box allows the toes to splay when running. When taking part in ultra running events, a runner’s foot will swell, thus the standard fit delivers more comfort when this happens.

      •' Alberto says:

        Thanks for the fast reply Lee!
        I’m not agree! Last year I ran for 92 km wearing the xtalon 192 without problem, instead this year I ran two differt race, one 47km long and the other 27km long with big problem of bubble! This because the comfort fit is too larger in the front and the feet move in the shoes…
        Two differt fit is an opportunity if are both present in the same pair of shoes! Instead I’ll choose the next pair of shoes only in the precision fit, but the variety is limited…

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  9.' Peter says:


    I’ve only recently been transitioning from a traditional trail shoe (lots of cushioning, 12 mm drop) to a more minimal approach, using the New Balance MT110 (4 mm drop, some cushioning) and the Inov-8 Trailroc 235. Would the Race Ultra 270 (or 290) be suited for my high mileage runs (up to 50K), or would that be too fast? Most reviews and comments I read about the Race Ultra 270 seem to be from people who are used to run in minimal shoes like the Trailroc 235. Obviously the Race Ultra gives them much more protection, but I’m coming from the other end of the spectrum …


  10.' Wes Gibson says:

    I was lucky enough to get a pair of these recently from Barefootinc. (as part of my ambassador deal) in Australia. I too like Brendan deal with the Aussie bush and when your out doing long days of training have found the Race Ultra 270 to be a great shoe to have in the rack. They offer support but still give the Inov-8 feel that I love. I’ll be spending more time in them preparing for the back end of the year.

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  12. […] and Andy Symonds 3rd in 11hrs 42mins. I ran, as I did in Annecy, in the bright pink women’s RACE ULTRA 270 shoes (size 40). They once again proved to be the perfect mix of grip and comfort on such a long […]

  13. […] Pikes Peak Marathon, 2015. 3rd to the summit but after passing Rickey Gates and Abu Diriba on the downhill (2,382m elevation loss), 1st to the finish. Photo (& video footage in blog) by Tim Bergsten, pikespeaksports. Shoes: Race Ultra 270 […]

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