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A moment to reflect on an excellent purchase by an avid inov-8 fan

So, here we are… and you! You brown parcel of hidden, unexpected love, you. I extract a beautifully decorated box housing my mail order twins, the Bare XF-210. Wow, I normally prefer blonds, but you two are stunning! Aglow in silver and blue with some black. I grasp you both with trembling fingers, desire burns within me. I beg of myself, WHY? Why did you have these delivered to work? I grip them tightly, reminiscent of my beloved security blanket in years gone by. I question, is it too soon for my wife to be an exercise widow? Wait! I hate running! How is the anticipation to Forrest Gump these new minimal runners even penetrating my thoughts? Leaving no room for the rest of the day’s responsibilities.

Bare XF210

Where am I? Who am I? Is it legal to strap these beauties on and dash about in my plaid skivvies and argyle socks? Who would complain? No one! Who could complain? Who could stop laughing enough to call authorities? Hmmmmm, don’t risk it! Drive cautiously, defensively, making sure you make it home safe and sound. OH MAN! Pick up your kids first! Darling little turds they are. Erik the terror! Three and one half years old. Loves tag, riding his bike and golf carts at the river. Jaxson the horror! Fifteen months. Loves to swim, run and wake without reason all hours of the night. Damn it! How did those little turkeys steal into my thoughts!?! I’m concentrating on my twin mistresses!

Now, where were we? Again, I hate running. I like cycling and HIIT’s! Oh my! These shoes have mystery powers…

Dinner is done, house is clean. Wife is relaxing, kids are in bed.

Who said that? Who said what? That! What is “that”? Ohhhhhhhh.

So I slip on and lace up those gorgeous XF-210’s and immediately feel an investment. I look down to confirm that the XF-210’s are fastened to my feet. Weightless, airy, nimble is what I feel as I move about the house. I strap on some tunes and kiss the wife before venturing out. She stops me. I pause reluctantly. “You’re smiling in a manner that concerns me,” she exclaims with obvious uncertainty. “Are you ‘running’ off and leaving me?” Whimpering, pun intended I’m sure. Fear not my love, this affair is conditional and with limits I assure her.

In closing, I ran farther and faster that evening. It was awesome. My expectations on all counts possible were surpassed. I’ve run in Puma’s. I even purchased some New Balance at 50% off when I purchased new Rockport work boots at a local store. I ran across a coupon for $25 that allowed me $50 toward the purchase of shoes from Born to Run… a store on the complete other side of the country from me. Inov-8 was recommended through an online chat with an employee. Inov-8 shoes run a bit small and more narrow than other manufacturers. I was a little taken aback at the cost, but decided it was worth a try and trusted that sales associate.

Let’s just say I run more often. Farther. I run smiling. I am in excellent shape and often get asked to design a fun program for friends. I’m also in discussions with a friend who owns a gym, to get my certs and lead group classes for her. I love having an 8 pack stomach and being able to chase my kids around without getting winded. My wife is proud to call me her husband and father of her kids. I feel great and know that I’m a great role model to my sons! Seeing them wanting to play outside and getting on the floor for various exercises really makes me proud!

Thank you for a great product and I’ll do my part to encourage exercising…. in the comfort of inov-8 shoes!

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