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The Evolution Of The Mudclaw Running Shoe

March 3, 2017 Comments (0) All Posts, Product Insights

Cut Graham Jordison open and he bleeds inov-8. Our Design Manager has been an integral part of the brand since its very first day. Back in 2003 Graham was inov-8 founder Wayne Edy’s first recruit and, driven on by a continued desire to innovate, has since designed countless

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inov-8 behind the scenes of shoot January 27, 2017

Behind The Scenes On An inov-8 Shoot

Ever wondered what it’s like on an inov-8 shoot? Wonder no more. This new film

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inov-8 roclite range January 25, 2017

Ready to Roc! New Roclite Trail Running Shoes Put...

I (Ben Mounsey) was recently asked by inov-8 to test their new range of Roclite

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inov-8 lakeland trails 2017 January 23, 2017

Tearing Up New Trails In 2017

We are delighted to begin announcing some of our new 2017 event partnerships.

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inov-8 roclite shoes image December 23, 2016

Reviews: The New Roclite Trail Running Shoe Series

“The lightest model in inov-8’s much-loved ROCLITE range (the ROCLITE

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inov-8 x-claw image splash October 28, 2016

Awards & Reviews: X-Claw 275 Running Shoe

“The combination of elements that are packaged in the X-CLAW 275 make it a

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inov-8 roadclaw 275 road running shoe September 19, 2016

Editor’s Choice Award For Roadclaw 275 Road Running Shoe

Our Roadclaw 275 road running shoe has been awarded the prestigious Editor’s

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inov-8 trail talon 250. photo by ian corless August 16, 2016

Trail Running Shoe Reviews: TrailTalon 250 & 275

When it comes to running over hard-packed trails, the TrailTalon is the number-one

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