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Pikes Peak Road Runners Fall Series

We laughed, we cried, we were attacked by killer bees….at the Pikes Peak Road Runners’ Fall Series #2. At race #1, race director Larry “Sadist” Miller and the Fall Series brought to you the polluted creek of Monument Valley. This time it was Bear Creek Regional Park in Colorado Springs, CO–just with rabid bees rather than bears. Other than not going into anaphylactic shock due to bee stings, the good news is that the government is back in business and the barricades were lifted so that the runners could climb, descend, scramble, creek jump and scale hillsides in a single bound (with the aid of ropes…and our trusty Inov-8s, of course).

Peter Fall Series Running

Inov-8 team members Alex Nichols takes yet another win with his Roclite 245’s, and Peter Maksimow continues to climb the metaphoric rope back into shape with a 3rd place finish. Peter said “I outran the bees with my new fancy-colored Inov-8 X-talon 212’s. They performed like a charm on the twisty course that had several creek crossings and a 50 foot rope climb. I left a lot of scars on that course with those X-talons!”

Peter Fall Series #2 Top 3

Read how they got inside the heads of the runners and learned of what they were thinking (and how some of them have potty mouths!):

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