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Amy Rusiecki: Mountain Masochist Race Report

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Peter’s Pike’s Peak Pictures

Write up by Peter Maksimow

Alex {Nichols} did a knock-up job–sprint finish for 2nd OA and a USATF National Championship, Gary {Gellin} was one of the top Masters in 9th in a super-competitive race, Scott {Dunlap} puked and I offered him a beer during that evacuation…me, I was very disappointed with it. I realize I have not been able to train as I have had a nasty achilles injury for some time now, but my 3 weeks of training leading up to the race seemed promising.

I was in the top 10 for most of the climb to the summit…then the lack of training caught up with me and it got bad. I ended up 17th place OA and 7th USATF finisher but was expecting (and hoping for) so much more. I am growing more and more impatient as time goes by and probably coming back to early. Hopefully good news in the future.

On the bright side, the achilles did not get any worse, but it is like a freakin’ slug in its progression to get better…we have this fight all the time, the achilles and I, it usually wins.

Some great pictures from the race:

Pikes Peak runners Pikes Peak start

Peter Maksimow Pikes PeakPeter Maksimow Pikes Peak 5

Peter Maksimow Pikes Peak 4 Alex Nichols Pikes Peak Podium

Alex Nichols Pikes Peak Alex Nichols Pikes Peak 4

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