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Passion Starts at an Early Age

A letter from a devoted father

Dear inov-8,

I’m writing to share the story of my 13 year old son, Noah, who is the largest inov-8 fan I know. Noah comes from a running family and has learned to love not only the sport of running, but the myriad of doors that the sport and inov-8 opens to this wonderful planet we are on.

Noah learned at a young age to love running and the freedom that it brings. However, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Noah made the transition from merely “tagging along” to “running with the guys”. Not coincidentally it was the same time he got his first pair of inov-8’s. From that point on there was no looking back. It was as if the shoes unlocked his potential, not only in running, but in life.


Noah has an insatiable love of the outdoors and his inov-8’s have been his vehicle for exploring everything Mother Nature has in store. It started anonymously enough with a simple pair of X-Talon 212’s. Shortly after getting that first pair, he became the youngest person to complete the Rock Cut Winter Trail Series in Rockford Illinois at age 12. The race series features 5k,10k,15k and 20k races. The series is known for some of the more difficult courses and difficult conditions in the Midwest and is featured in Trail Runner magazine’s Trophy Series. Held during the winter months in northern Illinois, the below zero weather and deep snow are enough to weed out the less committed individuals.


Noah however, relished the challenge and demonstrated his commitment by getting out of bed early on the weekends to go for long runs in the snow when other kids his age were still sleeping in bed. When other kids come home from school and plop on the couch to play video games, Noah grabs his four legged running partner Shula and heads for the trails.


From that point on it has been all inov-8. Noah uses his X-Talons on both local as well as larger scale adventures to get the most out of life. Even had to have some F-Lites for everyday school use because you never know when you need to be “ready to go”. And of course when track season came around, it was more F-Lites. The shoe of choice for trail work for the last couple of years has been the X-Talon, but was replaced last fall with Mudclaws. No matter what the occasion, Noah has an appropriate inov-8 shoe for it (even church).Noah3

He simply loves being outdoors and pushing the limits of himself both mentally and physically. I have been around the sport of running long enough to know that his story is a little unique and thought it was worth sharing. Having followed and supported your company for the last decade, I know that inov-8’s history is rooted in trail running. As fans and lovers of that sport, I hope that you enjoy and can perhaps identify with Noah’s story of unencumbered passion for running and for inov-8.

Noah’s Inspiring Video

Thank you in advance for hearing our story,


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