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Opens, Injuries and Treatment

How Ollie Glass is dealing with his injuries

Over a year ago I started noticing an imbalance with my left and right shoulder after the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Regional, especially in the overhead squat and snatch positions. Others that saw me lift often told me to correct a “twist” from my upper body position to my lower body position; it was referred to as “helicoptering” my lift. Despite the corrections I tried to make, nothing seemed to work to alleviate the pain that emerged after certain movements, those in particular. I developed a deep, aching pain in my shoulder socket that I tried to manage with anti-inflammatories and physical therapy over a year to no avail. I saw many great therapists and tried many rest, ice, and recover cycles. I knew that my shoulder was a weak spot for me (literally) in my training, but I did my best to train around it and with it when I could. Just before the 2013 Crossfit Open, I decided to finally get an MRI and figure out what was creating my unstable shoulder positioning and the subsequent pain that would last for days.


The MRI results showed that I had 2 partial tears in my rotator cuff. Despite this news I tried to manage it the best I could and continue through with the 2013 Open anyway. I knew my body well enough to ease off when I needed to and when the time came to push it. I would not advocate that sort of mentality or decision, but sometimes its worth more doing something than not doing it. I was prepared to hang in the towel if I needed to, but also do the best I could and not use my injury as an excuse. Even during the open I saw others on videos posted on social media that had their own personal physical struggles, complete workouts the best they could. There were no top scores, but certainly they earned respect through their passion to push themselves. It was an amazing site to see.

When the dust had settled from the 2013 Crossfit Open I ended up in 88th place in the Mid-Atlantic Region which happened to be my best individual finish to date but still a disappointment to not qualify as an individual in the Mid-Atlantic Region, my overall goal. I don’t advocate to anyone to continue to push your body if it is in a state of injury but for me, it was a decision I made. There was no medal for me at the end, but I had earned more respect for myself, plain and simple.

Recently, I had an experimental therapy performed on my shoulder called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection. The idea is to help regenerate the areas of my tendon that are torn through the creation of a precise inflammatory response at the site of my partial tears. A needle full of your own platelets is guided with an ultrasound to the site of the partial tears. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works and my shoulder will return to its former 100% self. Look for me to come back in 2014 bigger, faster, and stronger.

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