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Bringing Graphene Grip To The 2019 OCR World Champs

As the official footwear sponsor of the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, we proudly watched on in 2018 as racers of all ages used our STICKYGRIP shoes to master the demanding courses. In 2019, we are back and we are upping the ante with game-changing Graphene Grip running shoes.

In a sport where grip is everything, our graphene-enhanced shoes give athletes the ultimate advantage.

Graphene – the world’s strongest material – is infused into the rubber outsoles of our G-SERIES and G-GRIP shoes, making them stronger, more elastic and harder wearing. Delivering unrivalled grip with aggressive rubber studs that claw through mud and cling to obstacles.

OCR World championships inov-8 official sponsor

inov-8 X-TALON 210 with STICKYGRIP in action at the 2018 OCRWC

Sandra Sawyer, Partnerships Director for Adventurey, who created the event, said: “It’s a true testament to inov-8’s revolutionary and superior lightweight, breathable and gripping footwear that we are teaming up with this industry icon again for the 2019 championships. Our athletes deserve the best so that they can conquer the course and compete at a global level.”

The 2019 OCRWC will be held just outside London on October 10-13 and will see more than 5,000 of the world’s best obstacle course racers battle it out over muddy terrain and the sport’s finest obstacles.

In addition to the 3k, 15k, team and charity competitions, the 2019 event will also debut the much-anticipated 100 Meter Sprint Championships.

X-talon grip

inov-8 X-TALON 210 with STICKYGRIP in action at the 2018 OCRWC

In OCR choosing the right footwear is critical to an athlete’s success. One slip is not only a potential injury, but a dreaded slide down the results table.

The new graphene-enhanced rubber we have developed with the National Graphene Institute at The University of Manchester allows us to smash the limits of grip. Combine this with a lightweight, highly durable upper and you’ve got the ultimate OCR and muddy mountain running shoe.


Mudclaw G 260

Introducing the MUDCLAW G 260. Lightweight, responsive and featuring the world’s toughest grip.

The MUDCLAW G 260 with graphene-enhanced grip rubber outsoles boasts revolutionary traction and fearsome 8mm studs which resemble fangs. They bite into the mud and deliver outstanding grip on soft, muddy ground and wet, slippery obstacles.

Mudclaw G 260

Testing a prototype version of the MUDCLAW G 260

Weighing in at a super lightweight 260g, the MUDCLAW G 260  is fast and reactive, featuring a breathable, non-absorbent upper that allows water to quickly drain from the shoe.

The MUDCLAW G 260  features a snug-fitting super durable upper, reinforced with Kevlar in the tongue, keeping your foot locked-in and secure as you navigate the tricky terrain and obstacles on the course.

Designed to make light work of all tough mud, the MUDCLAW G 260 delivers on grip, agility and fit – the ultimate OCR and mud running shoe.

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