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Bringing Grip To The 2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Champs

ocr world champs

We’re getting a grip of obstacle course racing in 2018 and have landed a major partnership deal by becoming the official footwear brand for the sport’s 2018 world championships.

Below is the press release issued on May 1st, followed by our guide to the best footwear for obstacle course racing.

Press release: Grip-masters team up with OCR World Championships

The Obstacle Course Racing World Championships has announced that award-winning footwear company inov-8 is to become its Official Footwear Brand of the 2018 championships.

Founded in 2003, inov-8 is internationally renowned for designing footwear with the best grip for off-road running and CrossFit. The brand has been synonymous with the sport of obstacle course racing (OCR) for the past decade, with their shoes worn by many of the elite.

This year – for the first time in the event’s history – the OCR World Championships (OCRWC) will be staged in the UK, the homeland of inov-8.

Sandra Sawyer, OCRWC Sponsorship Director, said: “The athletes who tackle our rigorous and unpredictable course at the 2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in London this October must be fast, agile and adaptable. Having the right footwear is going to be critical.

“inov-8’s lightweight, flexible running shoes with revolutionary grip will give athletes the ultimate advantage on all surfaces and in all racing conditions. Our wet, slippery, muddy terrain may have finally met its match!”

Among the many OCR-specific awards inov-8 has won are the prizes for Best Obstacle Course Racing Footwear, handed out by US-based Mud Run Guide in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and UK-based Mudstacle in 2014 and 2015.

Michael Price, inov-8 Product and Marketing Director, said: “We are proud to be the official footwear brand of the 2018 OCR World Championships here on home soil in the UK.

“Elite obstacle racers have been wearing our shoes for the past decade, trusting in the grip to lead them to success. Our X-TALON shoes have been first across the finish line at previous OCR World Championships.

“Forged in the fells of the English Lake District, we know all about muddy UK conditions and how important footwear grip is when moving fast over obstacles. In 2018, we’re taking grip to a new level by launching G-SERIES, the world’s first-ever running and fitness shoes with graphene-enhanced rubber. These will give racers the world’s toughest grip.

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the launch than being centrally involved in one of the world’s toughest and biggest obstacle course racing events. Bring it on!”

* About the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships: Created by Adventurey, LLC, the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships is the first and only independent championship event in obstacle course racing and requires athletes to qualify for a limited number of spots through a network of qualifying events. Designed to celebrate the athletes within the sport, the 2017 competition drew over 4,000 athletes from over 67 nations to compete for cash prizes in individual Elite, Age Group, and Team competitions, making it one of the broadest and most diverse races in obstacle course racing history.

Best shoes for obstacle course racing

The X-TALON is a proven winner when it comes to obstacle course racing. It’s the shoe of choice for many of the elites and now, with a variety of options in the range, there is a X-TALON for everyone.

Renowned for giving racers the ultimate in grip, the 8mm rubber studs on the outsoles of all X-TALON shoes claw effortlessly through even the thickest of mud, while also holding firm on obstacles, loose terrain and all harder ground. Lightweight, quick-draining and super-comfortable, our X-TALON shoes feel fast and supportive, giving you the confidence to attack all courses. For the same reasons, X-TALON shoes are also hugely popular with fell runners, mountain runners, orienteers and swim runners.

X-TALON 210 running shoes with STICKYGRIP by inov-8

The are four options in the Spring/Summer 2018 X-TALON range:

1. The classic X-TALON 212 – precision fitting with a 6mm drop (heel to toe differential), this remains a much-loved shoe which racers buy time and time again, knowing they can wear it straight from the box.

2. The X-TALON 200 – the wider fitting option in the X-TALON range also has a 6mm drop and suits racers with wider feet or those looking for extra comfort, especially over longer OCR events when feet may swell.

3 & 4. The X-TALON 230 and X-TALON 210, both of which are new for Spring/Summer 2018. These are our first-ever running shoes to feature new STICKYGRIP rubber technology on the outsoles, which deliver increased levels of traction, giving racers even more confidence to tackle all challenging terrain, be it soft, muddy, hard, dry or wet. The 230 has a 6mm drop, a flexible rockplate for increased underfoot protection, a cushioned POWERFLOW midsole and a tough, robust upper. The 210 is a lighter out-and-out racing shoe with a 3mm drop and a responsive, super-fast ride.

* Discover more: Evolution of the X-TALON | New X-TALON shoes with STICKYGRIP | X-TALON reviewsTop-10 Obstacle Course Racing Tips

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