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Mudda-daudda-Masked Mudda Team

Written by our Field Marketing Manager, Caitlin Fenn

Meet Mej

Meet Mej (what I call my mother…). She is like her mother, and follows a phrase my grandmother has hanging on her wall, “Count your age by friends, not years”. So much so, that I to this day, do not know either of their ages officially…I can make a good guess- but they wouldn’t tell me if I was right.

mom and me on the wall

Mej lives her life that way, promising herself that each decade she will become stronger, wiser and kinder. She also sets new fitness goals for herself every year on her birthday (where she doesn’t get a year older…). Last year, her goal was to become a certified level 1 Pilates Instructor and she accomplished that. The year before, she wanted to kayak to the Connecticut River with me from our house (over 10 miles), and she did. The year before she ran her first marathon.

Mom on the wall

This year, my mom’s goal was to run her first Spartan Race. On August 10th at Amesbury, she did it. She made it all the way across the traverse wall, she climbed the slippery rope, she made it over the 8 and 10 foot walls (with no boost!), she passed younger men running through the woods, and she did it with a smile on her face the whole way.

mom me jill pre race

She also made an awesome part to the Masked Mudder team. Mej, my coworker Jill, and I were the Masked Mudder team. The job of the Masked Mudder is to help people along the race- whether to give tips to help someone over an obstacle, to cheer someone on as they complete they 29th burpee, or to boost someone over a wall. My mom certainly helped motivate plenty of people through obstacles- the number of people who said, “man, I wish my mom or dad would try this with me” or who said, “I hope I’m doing this at your age”, was a motivator for them and for her. She modestly smiled or giggled and cheered them on right back!

mej getting hit

Last week when I saw my mom again, she had a wrap around her upper arm. I asked her why she was wearing it. She casually told me, it was her “battle wound”- she had pulled a tendon in her arm at some point of the race- and it hadn’t even phased her on race day- AND it hadn’t stopped her from continuing to get her daily bike rides or sprint workouts in since then.

mom running1

Mej is a committed athlete and an inspiration to me to smile my way through every race and every workout so that I will be able to continue to be stronger, wiser and kinder every year of my life too.

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