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Massanutten Mountain Trail 100

Written by Amy Rusiecki

I ran the challenging Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 (103.7 miles, actually), which is known as the most challenging 100 this side of the Mississippi. It would be fair to say that I had a healthy respect (borderline fear) of this course, especially the challenging rocky terrain that makes this a slow course. But, my plan was to enjoy the day and hopeful to finish before the sun rose on Sunday.

In the end, I finished as 4th female in an incredibly stacked field – since I earned a time that makes me the 5th fastest female to ever run MMT100 in the 20-year race history! I did indeed finish before sunrise on Sunday, getting a time of 24:29. I used the Roclite 268s for this course – with the challenging rocky terrain I needed grip that I could rely on, and with over 100 miles to cover I needed protection for the long haul! They worked great – even with multiple stream crossings (starting about 1 mile into the race) and some trails turned rivers that the course followed, I didn’t have any foot issues – which is an amazing feat (feet?) in itself!

I struggled with how to write up the epic journey that I had, so instead I posted a photo essay of my day at MMT100.

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