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Mark Laakso: 13.1

The Thoughts of a CrossFitter

13.1…glad that is behind me.

The first WOD in the Open is always a bit nerve racking. When you consider that it is the combination of the first 2 WODS of last years Open WHICH means 7 minutes of burpees AGAIN, now you’re down right scared.

Pacing was the order of the day, which is always a bit tricky. You certainly don’t want to go out to fast and hit the wall somewhere in the middle, nor do you want to finish thinking you did not give it all you had.

Mark Laakso front squat

After way too much strategizing and over thinking, I set my goal at mid 160’s, based on my performance in 12.1 and 12.2. Finishing at 165 therefore left me feeling satisfied.

Satisfaction quickly turned to anxiousness as my ranking plummet to 19th on Sunday and I began to question how and where I could have squeezed out a few more reps.

All in all, 19th in the World is on track to qualify for the Games and I constantly remind myself, that is the goal of the Open…get to the Games!


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