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Lisa Mikkelsen: Go To CrossFit Move

What is your go-to CrossFit move?

Lisa Mikkelsen

Not an easy one, really. As you know, the beauty and power of CrossFit is that the movements are constantly varied. Sadly, I think the BURPEE!!!! is the one movement that works everything. CrossFitters seem to have a love-hate relationship with burpees. Burpees work the arms, core and legs. And if done “properly” can provide an anaerobic boost. We’ve compiled a list of “No Equipment, No Excuses” travel workouts that athletes can use when they are traveling. Apparently, 47 of the 63 workouts feature burpees.

As an “extra credit” movement post workout, I like to include Hollow Rocks. This is when you lay on your back, arms straight overhead and legs straight, toes pointed. Engage the core to create a “hollow” position in the lower back, raise the legs and arms off the ground and rock slowly from shoulders to butt. Try doing this for 3 minutes It’s what we at CrossFit Never Doubt call the “3 Minute Hollow Rock Test”. No one has made it all 3 minutes with out taking a break. It’s a fantastic core exercise.

A couple of ways that we use burpees:

  1. Breath Control: we do 1 burpee, 1 breath, 2 burpees, 2 breaths, . . . 10 burpees, 10 breaths. Power through the burpees as quickly as possible then focus on settling the heart rate and breath by taking an equal amount of breaths.
  2. Mental Strength: 50 burpees for time, 100 burpees for time. Focusing on the positive and constant movement, the fact that you know you can get chest and legs on the ground and that you can always get back up There really is not failure with burpees. You don’t “miss” a burpee like you can miss a snatch or a box jump or lose your pull ups or ring dips.
  3. Anaerobic: pairing burpees with 250M row or prowler push or thrusters helps prepare for competition workout when your heart rate is up and you need to push through.

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