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inov-8 footwear – New arrivals for Autumn/Winter 2018

Terraultra G 260

The big story for Autumn/Winter 2018 (AW18) is graphene, and our world-first use of the planet’s strongest material in sports footwear. By infusing the wonder-material into the rubber outsoles we’ve made them 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing.

The three shoes in the G-SERIES range all boast the world’s toughest graphene-enhanced grip and premium, super-durable materials such as Kevlar (commonly used in bulletproof vests) on the uppers. The TERRAULTRA G 260 (read reviews) and F-LITE G 290 are available to buy now, while the MUDCLAW G 260 is set to launch towards the end of 2018.

The photo above shows the award-winning TERRAULTRA G 260 on display at Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), the world’s biggest trail running event. Damian Hall wore the shoes to place 5th in the UTMB race (read the race report). You can discover much more about the G-SERIES on our website or via international online press.

inov-8 terraultra 260

Run Forever in the TERRAULTRA 260

Non-graphene versions of G-SERIES shoes

For AW18 we have also launched non-graphene versions of all three shoes. The TERRAULTRA 260 is for runners tackling long distances and ultra-marathons on hard-packed trails. It features the same technologies as the TERRAULTRA G 260, minus the graphene and Kevlar. Instead it uses our super-strong Endurance Grip rubber on the outsole and newly-developed durable materials on the upper.

Biomechanically designed to move with the natural movement of the foot, the super-flexible TERRAULTRA 260 is a zero-drop shoe that delivers high levels of underfoot shock absorption without compromising on ground feel. For those running long distances and ultra-marathons this strikes the perfect balance between superior comfort and a responsive ride. Check out the colour ways for men and women.

inov-8 mudclaw 275

Tackle tough mud in the MUDCLAW 275

Similarly, the MUDCLAW 275 shares the same technologies as the MUDCLAW G 260, minus the graphene and Kevlar. Instead it uses our renowned Sticky Grip rubber on the outsole and newly-developed durable materials on the uppers.

Designed for off-trail runners and obstacle course enthusiasts who are racing and training over soft and muddy ground, the MUDCLAW 275 boasts aggressive 8mm studs and multi-directional flexibility that allows the foot to react fast to changes in terrain. The shoe has a 4mm drop and an outsole that wraps up onto the side walls of the upper for added protection. Hidden behind it is a cushioned midsole.

As always, the numbers used in the naming of our shoes represents their weight. So, for example, the MUDCLAW G 260 weighs 260g (weight taken as an average across the whole size curve). The MUDCLAW 275 is slightly heavier because of the different upper materials that have been used.

inov-8 f-lite 290

Defy gravity in the F-LITE 290

Completing the trio is the F-LITE 290 a non-graphene, non-Kevlar version of the F-LITE G 290 that features our renowned Sticky Grip rubber on the outsole and newly-developed durable materials on the uppers. This 4mm drop shoe brings together everything we have learnt from a decade in the box and delivers it all in one perfect package for committed cross-fitters. Awesome grip, lightweight agility, memory-foam-lining comfort and lots of protection, the F-LITE 290 is the shoe for every workout. Check out the colour ways for men and women.

As well as the graphene and non-graphene versions mentioned above, we have a full AW18 portfolio of footwear which we have broken down into terrain categories. These categories are all detailed below in this blog post, helping runners and cross-fitters find the perfect footwear for their requirements.

inov-8 x-talon 260

X-TALON ULTRA 260: Sticky Grip rubber, 8mm studs, improved fit

Running shoes for soft & muddy terrain

Alongside the new MUDCLAW G 260 and MUDCLAW 275 sits the much-loved MUDCLAW 300 (new colours for menwomen), which retains the more traditional MUDCLAW stud pattern.

New to the X-TALON range for AW18 is the X-TALON ULTRA 260, which is an evolution of the former X-CLAW 275. The X-TALON ULTRA 260 completes the X-TALON family as the wider-fitting, more cushioned shoe for long distance and ultra runs over soft and muddy ground. The narrower-fitting X-TALON 210 and X-TALON 230 (menwomen) offer lighter, faster options (the 230 providing more protection too), while the classic X-TALON 212 (men | women) remains in the range.

Like the 210 & 230, the X-TALON ULTRA 260 (unlike the X-CLAW 275) features our renowned Sticky Grip rubber on the outsole for outstanding grip on all soft, muddy ground and wet rock, while the new upper materials provide an improved fit, especially in the toe box. Check out the X-TALON ULTRA 260 colour ways for men and women.

All X-TALON shoes in the family have 8mm studs which as well as clawing through mud and soft terrain also grip firm on harder ground or wet rock.

Running shoes for hard & rocky terrain

The range remains the same in ‘hard & rocky’ for AW18 but with the addition of new colour ways. Check out the TRAILROC 270 (men | women) and TRAILROC 285 (men | women) along with the TRAILTALON 290 (men | women) and the TRAILTALON 235 (men | women).

The TRAILROC boasts a rockplate, making it perfect for really rocky ground when maximum underfoot protection is required. The TRAILTALON delivers a plusher ride and is a favourite amongst long-distance and ultra-distance runners seeking comfort and great fit.

inov-8 parkclaw 275 knit

PARKCLAW 275 KNIT: Go from road to trail in superior comfort

Running shoes for paths and trails

Alongside the new TERRAULTRA G 260 and TERRAULTRA 260 in ‘paths & trails’ sits the popular PARKCLAW range of shoes. New to this range for AW18 is the PARKCLAW 275 KNIT, an alternative to the current PARKCLAW 275 (men | women) thanks to the knitted material used in the construction of the shoe’s upper. This highly-breathable knitted upper fabric delivers the most natural, lightweight fit possible with superior comfort. It is also antimicrobial, thus reducing odour.

Apart from that the PARKCLAW 275 KNIT and PARKCLAW 275, both of which are wider-fit and cushioned, share all the same technologies, including a versatile outsole stud pattern that grips on trails but also runs smooth on any roads. Check out the PARKCLAW 275 KNIT colour ways for men and women.

Completing the range is the award-winning PARKCLAW 275 GTX (men | women), which offers a waterproof alternative for runners who want to keep their feet dry.

Running shoes for multiple terrains

The range remains the same in ‘multiple terrains’ for AW18 but with the addition of new colour ways. Designed for any adventure and capable of tackling everything from soft mud to hard trail, the iconic ROCLITE range of shoes continue to be the number-one option for runners and fast-packers who want a genuine all-rounder.

From shoes to boots and from waterproof to non-waterproof, the ROCLITE range has it all covered, with every shoe boasting the same trusted outsole and 6mm studs, together with protective features on the upper.


F-LITE 290: Awesome grip, lightweight agility, memory-foam-lining comfort and lots of protection

Training shoes for cross-fitters

The new F-LITE G 290 and F-LITE 290 sit alongside our existing training shoes, many of which have new colour ways for AW18. Check out the F-LITE 260 KNIT (men | women) – a flexible and supernatural training shoe for speed, agility and comfort, the F-LITE 235 V2 (men | women) – an all-round training shoe for fast, intense lifts as well as long, duration workouts, and the BARE XF 210 V2 (men | women) – a perfect shoe for indoor obstacle racing.

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