Nicky Spinks awarded British Empire Medal

Runner Nicky Spinks Awarded British Empire Medal


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The world’s toughest shoe for the world’s toughest workouts. Our new F-LITE G 290 is the first-ever training shoe to utilise graphene – the strongest material on the planet. Collaborating with graphene experts at The University of Manchester, we have infused the wonder-material into the rubber of our revolutionary G-SERIES shoes, making the outsoles 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing.

The G-SERIES was launched at an international press event earlier in 2018.

Revolutionary graphene-enhanced rubber delivers the world’s toughest grip in the gym, while new midsole technologies and upper materials raise the bar in terms of training shoe comfort and durability. The first training shoe from the series (the F-LITE G 290) is available to buy now.

Will Kane – UK inov-8 Training athlete and one of the UK’s best CrossFit athletes (21st Europe, 7th UK – Open Ranking):

“Defo my favourite shoe is the G-SERIES black and green. Stable but light – a well-balanced shoe. Always loved inov-8’s style, with lots of variation on styles and can be worn for pure fashion. Different to the mainstream trainer!”

Sheli McCoy inov-8 Training Team

(Above) inov-8 Training UK athlete – Sheli McCoy has been competing across Europe this summer and the F-LITE G 290 has been her go-to shoe.

**She also PB’d her clean and jerk the first time she wore them with 100kg**

Graphene F-Lite 290 Inov-8

What others have to say on our Graphene shoes

“In my opinion the next model when developed with a few tweaks could rival the Metcon’s crown of best training shoe!” – Joe Taylor (UK CrossFit Athlete), UK, August 2018. Full Article.

“They’re just one of the best training shoes available today”. – As many reviews as possible (CrossFit Blog, YouTube Channel 12k Subs), US, August 2018. Full Article.  Watch the Video.

“The 290 G’s feels like I have a bit of a lifting shoe on while not being as stiff and restrictive as a lifting shoe would be”.Chris Sayers ( Full Article.

Finally, the F-Lite G 290 is a fitness shoe for CrossFitters and gym enthusiasts”. – Sophie Nicholson, June 20, 2018. Full Article.

“One of the 8 most innovative sneakers of all time” – T3, August 2018.

The F-LITE G 290 is one of three shoes in the G-SERIES. The TERRAULTRA G 260 is designed for running tough long-distance trails, while the MUDCLAW G 260 is for running over muddy mountains and obstacle courses.

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