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June 21, 2013 Comments (0) All Posts

Garden of the Gods: Part 2

Eloquently written by Tommy Manning

The Garden of the Gods 10 mile race sucked. I even went really easy the day before (4 miles) to rest for the race. I did not ‘race’ either of the last two years saving my legs for Mt. Washington. Not running Washington this year, I really wanted to crush GoG.

I guess I knew I was not going to ‘crush it’ about 3 miles in as people started to pass me. The lead pack was already out of sight, the first female was in front of me, and a high school kid passed me. Wow. I tried to push it anyway, and ran very even splits.

It does not bother me if someone passes me late in a race if I am slowing down or if they look good, but it pisses me off when someone cruises by at a pace way too fast for that point in the race. That is exactly what happened at about mile 7 as some hardo ran by me and dropped me in about 5 seconds.

Being passed does not bother me; it bothers me that he did not put in quality effort for the previous 7 miles. He did not race with any guts, and if he had that much energy left, then he should have gone harder in the beginning. He probably could have finished at least 1-2 minutes faster than he did too. Learn how to race, Sally.

So I finished at 1:01:xx and got chicked for the first time I can remember outside of a race like the Boston Marathon. My time was faster than last year, but last year I jogged the first 3 miles easy and then ran the last 7 as a tempo. So my time is nothing to brag about, especially knowing I ran 56:39 here in 2010.

Oh well, we can’t always have a great race. Maybe I will do better next year.

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