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First Road Race of the Year

Carrie Birth shares how she has learned to race smartly

1st road race of the year….very different from hammering on the track -only real sign of pace? Your heart beating – – otherwise there are no bunnies to follow, no lap clock, no bell lap. It’s truly a race.

Carrie Birth 3

This was my first race where I have finally felt STRONG…..I broke my foot racing in March 2011 -and I have raced since then, but in my heart, I knew I shouldn’t have been. But, it’s that constant grind for perfection that, well sometimes, pushes too hard. I think I am finally maturing as a runner and learning WHEN to push, WHERE to push, and HOW hard to push. Before it was just ALL IN, ALL the time. Plus I have to remember, I have a full time job, work a lot of hours and have a lot goals there too. Doing it all is awesome… It’s rewarded right? I won. And I won A LOT. But I broke down. Breaking down though allowed me to build stronger -and that’s where INOV-8 came in. I figured as long as I was down, I would learn to run more in tune with my body -so I would know when, where, and how to push. As weird as it seems the transition has also made me more in tune with life -100 miles an hour all the time is an empty gas tank waiting to happen. I’m getting there, and this past weekend gave me that confidence.

Had it been a ‘normal” 10K, I think I might have even PRd (sub 37) -but this was basically a GIANT hill race. Here was hill #1 (yes notice, I said #1 🙂 )

Carrie Birth

But, I never felt out of breath -never felt like I was clinging on. I was in control the entire time. I ended up 3rd on the podium. Not 1st, yet, but now I know I can get back there, stay there, and perhaps even go beyond. Here’s to one under the belt, and the best of the summer yet to come!

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