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May 3, 2018 Comments (0) All Posts, Product Insights

F-LITE 195 and 195 V2: The OG And New Kid On The Block

The original F-LITE 195 was perhaps the first Crossfit specific shoe. Picked by the sport’s California originators for its flexibility, breathability and low to the ground feel, the 195 was widely heralded among early Crossfitters as the ideal shoe for functional fitness.

With such an amazing reception and following of the 195, it would be easy to down tools and simply enjoy the shoe’s unrivalled performance; after all, ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ At inov-8 however, we prefer a mantra of ‘there’s always room for improvement’.

With the F-LITE 195 V2 we set out to revamp our original training shoe without losing any of the characteristics that made it so successful in the first place.

The Technical Stuff

We increased the toe to heel drop on the 195 V2 from 3mm to 4mm. With the sport of Crossfit becoming more lifting orientated, we wanted to give athletes a little more drop to help hit those higher loads. That said, the increase in drop doesn’t change the ‘feel’ of the shoe. We still wanted the 195 V2 to keep that low to the ground feel  and sense of connection.

One thing Crossfitters loved about the original 195 was its flexibility. We wanted to retain this in our new model but also add some support. The solution: the new Y-lock heel.  The heel insert prevents the heel from collapsing, giving you more confidence to sit into those heavy lifts. The new upper is extremely breathable like its predecessor but a little more tough for the likes of rope climbs. 

What made the original 195 the first shoe intended for Crossfit was the creation of Rope-tec to shield the shoe during rope climbs. This is retained in the 195 V2 as it is still unrivalled in its design relative to other training shoes.



If you were a fan of the original 195, you’ve got to try the 195 V2! Whilst we reintroduced the original in our range for the 195 original diehards, the new V2 is a little more geared towards supporting contemporary Crossfit programming. As the sport evolves, it’s important the footwear does too and the 195 V2 is at the leading edge of functional design.

Given it’s lightweight and flexible qualities, the 195 V2 (and the 195 Classic) work exceptionally well in workouts involving running or plyometrics movements. Compared to other training shoes, the 195 family gives you a real sense of foot to ground connection that gives you the confidence to jump higher and run faster. As training shoes go it’s lighting fast and definitely one for WODs like Murph or Helen where you have running paired with gymnastics.

The precision fit that come on the 195 V2 also make squatting movements feel more natural as your foot isn’t able to roll as it would in a more cushioned trainer. Instead the low drop and dense mid-layer maximise power transfer and promote an optimal 3 point foot contact with the floor.

As looks go, we think they’re ace! Check out the all black version if you fancy a stealthy, tacticool look or, if you want to stand out, how about the electric green!

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