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Heidi Davies – Anything Is Possible

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Dani Speegle – Let The Games Begin

Dani-Speegle-CrossFit-Games. Photo by Renato Macassi

Update (August 4th): Not the result Dani Speegle was hoping for (27th), but she has inspired many people and we know she will bounce back stronger. In a post on her Instagram account @dellespeegle she wrote: “Of course this isn’t the finish I wanted. I will use every emotion I’ve been feeling for the past several days to fuel my fire for this upcoming year. I will destroy my weaknesses. I will take no shortcuts. I will make no excuses. Until next year….”


She topped the US leaderboard in qualifying for the 2019 CrossFit Games, now rookie Dani Speegle heads to sport’s biggest showdown as one of the hot contenders to be crowned the world’s fittest woman.

The 26-year-old inov-8 ambassador has enjoyed a meteoric rise since starting out in the sport less than four years ago. Her results in the 2019 Open qualifying placed her first in the US and 5th worldwide – an enormous step up from 2017 and 2016 when she globally ranked 80th and 216th respectively.

Amongst those Dani will be competing against for the coveted title will be Icelandic trio Sara Sigmundsdottir, who topped Open qualifying worldwide,  Annie Thorisdottir and Kartin Davidsdottir, as well as Australian Tia-Clair Toomey, who is aiming for a third successive Games win, and New Zealand’s Jamie Green.

Much, as always, will depend on exactly what workouts the Games director Dave Castro has up his sleeves for this year’s competitors, but Dani heads to Madison knowing she has all the tools to tackle whatever is laid out in front of her.

Dani-Speegle-CrossFit-Games. Photo by Renato Macassi

Dani Speegle in the F-LITE 235 V3. SHOP WOMENS | SHOP MENS

Prior to departing from her Florida home ahead of the biggest competition of her life, Dani answered our questions:

How are you feeling ahead of your first Games?

I’m completely overwhelmed with literally all the emotions. I’m excited, nervous, pumped up, full of butterflies, etc. I can’t wait to get out onto the competition floor! I love competing and this is THE stage.

How have you changed up your training since you knew you were going to be in Madison?

Training has relatively stayed the same. I’ve continued to chip away at my weaknesses while also perfecting the things I’m already good at. I increased the volume, of course. Odd object and outside training were more prevalent.

What is the perfect workout to come up for you?

Anything with handstand walks and heavy snatches! But I also love heavy dumbbells and sandbags.

Anything you are not looking forward to?

I’m praying they don’t repeat the marathon row!

Dani-Speegle-CrossFit-Games. Photo by Renato Macassi

Any guesses on what new elements Dave Castro will introduce this year?

This entire year has been different! I don’t have any predictions as to what Castro could be planning. But the rumours that there will be cuts after the first day of competition have been solidified. So I’m guessing the first day will be a little more well rounded than just one long endurance event. But we shall see!

Have you had to alter your diet from usual when leading up to the Games?

This past year I’ve completely changed my diet so I’ve been continuing with that.

Male winner this year?

You know I’m always for a dark horse in competition but I’m pretty sure Matt (Fraser) has it in the bag again.

What are you goals of this year’s Games?

I want to show up. I want to make a statement. I have no specific placement goals but I want to go out and make an impression and let people know I’m there to compete.

Dani-Speegle-CrossFit-Games. Photo by Renato Macassi

Dani’s shoes for Madison

Dani is likely to wear her all-time favourites, the F-LITE G 290 with Graphene-Grip(™)  and the F-LITE 235 V3 (as seen in photograph below), for most workouts, lifting and gymnastics. She will also be prepped with the F-LITE G 230 (which also has Graphene-Grip) for any long, cardio-based events Dave Castro throws at her. Anyone watching Dani at the Games or on the live stream may also see a sneak preview of some new footwear we have up our sleeves for later in 2019….

Dani Speegle inov-8 f-lite 235 v3

Dani Speegle with the F-LITE 235 V3. SHOP WOMENS | SHOP MENS

Meet inov-8 in Madison

If you’re in Madison this year there are plenty of ways to get involved with inov-8. Stop by the main inov-8 booth where you can try out our range of shoes, including the new FASTLIFT 370 BOA, and find out more about our use of graphene (the world’s strongest material). We will also be holding daily challenges for everyone to get involved in. You can also stop by the WIT stand and book into a class to trial our F-LITE 260 KNIT shoes. You can grab a coffee on us when you do!

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*All photos in blog post by Renato Macassi – Website | Instagram

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