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Anna Tunnicliffe joins Team inov-8

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Dan Bailey joins Team inov-8

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that CrossFit athlete, Dan Bailey, is joining team inov-8 in 2014! We asked him some questions to get to know him better and thought you may be interested in what keeps him #committed to this sport.

What brought you to Crossfit? What other sports do/did you participate in? How can you relate them to CrossFit?

I was looking for a new sport/hobby after 2 years of being done competing in college track and field. A friend of mine mentioned CrossFit and had me try a couple of workouts, I did fairly well on my first try, won my first competition and never looked back.

I was a quarter miler in high school and college. Anyone who has run that race knows that when you step up to the starting line you have to be mentally prepared to embrace a large amount of pain in a very short amount of time. CrossFit requires the same mental attitude. Training for both events requires a lot of mental, physical and spiritual fortitude. The lessons I have learned from competing in track and field have had a great impact on my ability to succeed in the CrossFit Games.

What makes you a committed athlete?

My faith is what makes me a committed athlete. Acts 20:24 says, “I consider my life worth nothing to me, If only I may finish the task set before me, the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.” When I started CrossFit I was at a time in my life where I didn’t have any business training for such a demanding competition, but I was given a gift for a reason and a purpose, and everyday I train, or compete I am trying to commit myself to using that gift to the best of my ability, often leaving my wants and desires behind.

What is your favorite inov-8 product? What do you like about the brand in general?

Inov-8 makes shoes for committed athletes. The quality shows in their broad spectrum of products and the functionality that goes into each one.

OC Throwdown cropped

What are you excited about most in working with inov-8?

I am most excited about getting the chance to work with a company who is committed to athletes, and getting them the products they need to succeed.

Tell us some rituals/superstitions you may have when competing?

No real superstitions, I spend time in prayer and give myself a lot of positive self talk. I also tend to get pretty quiet and sometimes don’t like talking with anyone but focus on what I need to do.

Where are you currently training?

I am currently training in San Diego, California.

What are your hopes for regionals/games?

My hopes are to win the SoCal Regional and win the CrossFit Games.

Any new PRs as of late?

I haven’t tested any lately but will be in the coming months.

Who/what inspires you to work hard, push limits, and compete to win?

The answers to this are very similar to the answers in question 3. My faith is what drives me to compete to the best of my ability. In addition, my parents and family inspire me to work hard. My parents gave up a lot of themselves so my brother and I could have opportunities to be successful. Their sacrifices have made me want to make the best of every opportunity I have to work hard, push limits, and compete to win.

Welcome to the team, Dan!

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