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U.S. National Championships

November 4, 2013 Comments (0) All Posts

Canadian Nationals

Written by Alex Jospe

I just got back from the Canadian National Championships. It went pretty well. The Canadian Champs took the typical format of a sprint, middle distance, and long distance event, and I took the third step of the podium all three days. The sprint was held at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON), and it was strange to run through a campus full of students. Luckily they didn’t interfere at all, but I nearly got clocked by a frisbee crossing one of the quads! The middle and long were both held at the Ancaster Community Center, with some super interesting contour detail across the map making for some tricky decisions. Great course setting and beautiful fall weather set up the weekend for some good memories. Alex Jospe Candation Nationals

Read the full race recap:


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