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Boston Strong

Written by Peter Maksimow

I have never run the Boston Marathon (I’m allergic to road running in long bouts) but I do have fond memories of the place and its magic.


Boston holds a very special place in my heart for many reasons. It is a place where I lived for a short stint, but gained so much from at the same time. Back in 2006 I had finished my graduate degree at the higher learning institution where basketball was invented (Springfield College in Western Mass) and having just returned from Europe, not knowing where to go and what to do with myself, I took a job at the Oak Square YMCA in Brighton, MA. That is where I met my best friend and wife, Nora.

Boston 3

We watched our first Boston Marathon together in 2007 and cheered on a trainee of mine to a new marathon PR. I was deeply motivated to get back to running competitively and someday run this race. It is the Boston Marathon, after all! Unfortunately, I had been unable to run for a few years due to an extended battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Boston 2

Fast forward to 2014. We made the pilgrimage back to the place that holds a few bad memories, but has even greater memories of love and perseverance, both personally and collectively. It is a place where last year two explosions forever changed this historic footrace. This year, however, another event has overshadowed that memory as Meb Keflezighi captured the first American men’s Boston Marathon title in 31 years!

Boston 4

On Saturday before the marathon, Nora and many friends and fellow teammates cheered and ran alongside me in the B.A.A. 5k as I gave some of the fastest men (and women) in the world a run for their money (they won the money, I was happy with the 15:29 that my Road-X Lite155’s carried me to). I was 31st overall, or 7th woman, that sounds more impressive! It was an amazing experience running alongside Olympians and pedestrians alike. Although it’s not the marathon, it’s a step in the direction of Hopkinton.

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