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January 27, 2017 Comments (0) All Posts, Product Insights

Behind The Scenes On An inov-8 Shoot

inov-8 behind the scenes of shoot

Ever wondered what it’s like on an inov-8 shoot? Wonder no more. This new film takes you behind the scenes on our shoot for Spring/Summer 2017 (SS17). Shot on the Spanish island of Majorca, we had several committed athletes push our new footwear products to the limit – while we filmed it.

From the valley bottoms up to the highest mountain ridges, we ran the new Roclite trail running shoes over some of the island’s most demanding terrain. Such was the versatility of the Roclite shoes, they were able to handle everything that was thrown at them. Super-confident in the grip, former British fell running champion Morgan Donnelly took the Roclite 325 up onto some stunning knife-edge mountain ridges and ran where many others wouldn’t dare go.

Check out the ROCLITE FILM and then discover more about the full ROCLITE RANGE, from the 290 to the 305 and 325 as well as the GORE-TEX versions of the 305 and 325. Still not convinced? Check out the ROCLITE REVIEWS and read about how each shoe in the range compares and contrasts in this in-depth ROCLITE ANALYSIS by international trail runner Ben Mounsey.

Not done there, Morgan then took the X-TALON 225 onto some of steepest mountain scree chutes imaginable, turned off the brakes, and pelted downhill. The end result was the incredible NEED FOR DOWNHILL SPEED film.

x-talon 225 inov-8

Away from the mountains, we shot the new ALL-TRAIN 215 training shoe in a variety of locations in and around the capital, Palma. From outdoor arenas to city parkland, Jonathan Halliwell pushed the ALL-TRAIN 215 through all manner of different workouts. Watch the ALL-TRAIN 215 FILM and then discover more about the ALL-TRAIN 215 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS.

We also hit the box to put the F-LITE 235 V2 through its paces. Filming top Spanish athletes challenge themselves to lift more, jump higher and climb faster, we were able to put together two inspiring F-LITE 235 V2 films. Watch F-LITE 235 V2 MEN an F-LITE 235 V2 WOMEN, then learn more about the F-LITE 235 V2 DESIGN.

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