Loon Mountain Race

Ben Abdelnoor on his way to victory at the 2013 Wasdale race. Photo by Bryan Mills.

Ben is king of the mountains!

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Be the next Masked Mudder

Masked Mudder contest

Who? Open to all U.S. Residents.

How? Tweet your best Obstacle Course Racing ‘rule’ you know. Pictures are allowed.

For example, Rule #1. Never leave a racer behind. Racers take care of their own.

Be sure to:

1) Tag @maskedmudder

2) Tag #mudrules

3) Include the location of Spartan Race in which you want to participate.

What? You will win an entry into a Spartan Race near you (where applicable). You will also be sent a Masked Mudder package including a new pair of inov-8s, a jersey that must be worn on race day, 2 wrags to wear, 10 wrags to hand out to fellow racers, and a waist pack.

Travel, food, accommodation and similar costs will not be covered.

When? Keep submitting rules, there is no limit. We will choose one winner per week that will win an entry into a Spartan Race near them. Winner will be announced on twitter (@MaskedMudder) and this blog post.

Winners: Northwest: @brookscory

New England: @sabotage20

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