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Anna Tunnicliffe joins Team inov-8

What brought you to Crossfit? What other sports do/did you participate in? How can you relate them to CrossFit?

My first main sport was Sailing. I competed in 2 Olympic Games winning a Gold in 2008. I discovered CrossFit in 2011, just before the end of the year. For the next 8 months my coach and worked on just WODing and general strength improvement. After the 2012 Olympics, we started training hard for the 2013 CrossFit Games. I had a long way to go and only 9 months to do it in.

I think CrossFit prepared me both physically and mentally for sailing. The hard workouts and the mental edge you needed to keep pushing definitely helped on the water when days got long and people were beginning to tire…I felt like I could stay fresh longer.

What makes you a committed athlete?

I believe in having a dream, a goal, and aiming to reach it with Desire, Dedication and Discipline. I call it my 4 D’s. With these together you can accomplish your dreams. When I set my sights on a goal, the fire burning inside is fierce and it drives me onwards!

What is your favorite inov-8 product? What do you like about the brand in general?

I love the 182’s. Growing up wearing no shoes most of the time, these shoes allow the same feel. It’s like wearing just a sock, but gives my foot the support it needs when WODing.

Close up

How long have you worn inov-8s?

Since the beginning of 2012 when I bought myself my first present for CrossFit!

What are you excited about most in working with inov-8?

I know they provide top quality products for their athletes. They are committed to their athletes performance as the athletes are and work with them to allow them to perform to the best of their ability.

Tell us some rituals/superstitions you may have when competing?

I find a song per competition which I listen to at the beginning of my warm up before every WOD. Lately it’s been technologic by Daft Punk. Other than that, I don’t really have many. When I sailed I used to have all sorts, but my teammates broke me of them, so now I just try to relax and have fun!

Where are you currently training?

I am currently training out of CrossFit Mt. Lebanon, in Pittsburgh, Pa.

What are your hopes for regionals/games?

The goal is to make it to the Games again and I would love to finish higher than we did this past year.

Any new PRs as of late?

I PR’d my Fran time about a month ago by 20 seconds. I got a 2:32 which I was quite happy with.

Any interesting stories related to your career in crossfit? Related to competition in general?

Because of my CF experience, I was asked to face off against a 6′ something 200+ lb sailor at a sailing competition I was at a few weeks after the Games. It was a 250m row…their reasoning being that because I was “9th Fittest Woman in the World” that it would be a great race. Fortunately, his rower’s computer stopped working half way through the row so I won by default and we will never know who would have actually won. But it was all in good fun!

Who/what inspires you to work hard, push limits, and compete to win?

My coach and boyfriend! He is an amazing coach and person in general. We work great as a team and I know how much work he puts into my training and I always want to rerun the favour by performing to the best of my ability always.

I also have great teammates at the box! We all push each other hard! Although I compete individually, it’s always a team effort.

Welcome to the team, Anna!

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