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7 Sisters

Written by Alex Jospe

I did this race last year and totally fell in love; with the atmosphere, the views, the wind-chime effect of the rattling basalt rocks, the fantastic descents and the burning in my legs on the hand-over-hand climbs. Having just left UMass Amherst, it even felt like home terrain, though I’d only been up on that ridge a handful of times. So I was really psyched to race it again!

7 sisters 2

Photo credit: Northeast Race Photo

This year, 7 Sisters was part of the La Sportiva Mountain Cup, which meant real competition. I had no illusions coming in to the race that I would hold my own against the country’s best mountain runners, but I am good at technical descents, so I was interested to see how I’d fare on a course that’s half descending. On the start line I got a chance to meet Amber Reece-Young, fellow Inov-8 teammate, and we ended up spending much of the race going back and forth; quite fun to have not only a competitor so close but also a teammate! Amber was much stronger on the uphills, but I would yo-yo back to her on the downhills, and like this we saw a lot of each other.

7 sisters

Photo Credit: Northeast Race Photo

Megan Kimmel, who won the race, was in a completely different league as the rest of us, finishing 5th overall and with what is probably the women’s record. Amber and I ended up 4th and 5th in the packed field, but with a faster time than last year, which is always a goal. I wore the X-Talon212s, and as ever, they were utterly fantastic on this course. The grip was 100% reliable, and the precision fit meant no feet sliding around inside the shoe, an important consideration when tumbling willy-nilly down rocky hills! They also shed water relatively quickly, which was good for the few mudpits I encountered on the course.

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