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vic wilkinson 3 peaks winner. photo: james mackeddie

Victoria storms to Three Peaks victory

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Cheyenne Mtn Trail Race 25K

Written by Peter Maksimow

Now we are getting into the real racing season! Trail and Mountain running, that is. The Cheyenne Mountain Trail Races is probably the safest race in the country, since it takes place at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, right at the base of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command–they also track Santa Clause and his flight from the South Pole with their radars!).

Cheyenne 25k running

Going into the race injury free (well, almost injury free) for the first time in a couple of years, I was hoping for some competition and a new CR. Finding myself all by myself pretty early into the race, I had to push on my own. But, wait, I WAS racing against someone and that someone was my 2012 self. In 2012, my 2012 self set a solid CR time of 1:46:05. I had to really get my 2014 ass in gear because I am two years older than I was in 2012 and don’t have the youth I once had! It came down to a sprint finish and my 2014 self prevailed. Take that 2012 self!!! I must be getting more wise with age…or maybe just working on my speed a little more?

Cheyenne 25k podium

Shoe used: TrailRoc 245, Ferrari red! write up:

Post-Race Video:

The CS Gazette article. The guy terribly misquoted me: there were actually several Kenyans, Ethiopians and one American woman that beat me pretty good.

Cheyenne 25k


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