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Clash of the Tribal titans

Our athlete Stuart Trees reflects on the inov-8-partnered UK Tribal Clash event

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A log squatathon, tyre dragging on the beach and a dip in a notorious fish pond -the hardcore Tribal Clash had it all.

The event was the South West’s first on-the-beach CrossFit competition, organized by CrossFit Plymouth and Unit 6 CrossFit.

The venue was Blackpool Sands, Devon, where 100 teams of two men and two women descended upon.

Friday night’s opening ceremony involved some seriously impressive taiko drumming and a helluva lot of people doing burpees all at once!

The next morning brought the start of the competition, which turned out to be both inventive and creative, and not without plenty of twists and turns.

The first WOD was a log flip and clean and jerk.

This was followed by a shoreline log squatathon, which also included some kayaking and swimming.

Then came a short chipper with a tyre and some sand bags.

That was it for day one, but no-one was allowed to bed down without a cheeky taster of what was to come the following morning in the trail run! All we knew by the time our heads hit the pillow was that we were doing 1km on the beach and that we should just “keep going” after that…

The next morning we found ourselves running and teetering over what must have been about 5km of beach and wooded hills before swimming, ducking and diving through a notorious fish pond.

Having worn my F-Lite 232 shoes on day one, I opted for a pair of Trailroc 235s on day two, and boy was I glad I did. The outstanding grip on the outsole of the trail running shoe gave me a huge advantage as we raced over tough and varied terrain.

Weighing just 235g, I was really impressed by the Trailrocs, which are ideal for such multi-discipline competitions.

The last inclusive workout was another chipper involving an A-frame, some heavy medicine balls, kettlebells and three dips in the sea.

The final was programmed so that the top-20 teams took part in a best-of-three tug of war.

The top-10 then went on to do a 20kg log relay, before the top-eight tackled a wheelbarrow race.

The top-six ran with 50kg barrels (hanging from 50kg logs) on their shoulders. Then the top-four did 30m log lunge walks to the sea and swam with their logs before lunge walking them back up the beach.

Cut to two final teams, their task was to drag a tyre (attached to a rope) from the sea to the top of the beach, scaling several A-frames along the way.

The event encompassed the tribe ethos and saw teamwork at its best. Not only did athletes tackle movements and equipment they weren’t familiar with, they did so with the full support of their team-mates.

Congratulations to the organisers for putting on such an awesome event.

CrossFit Aberdeen video of the event

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